Note: The materials given below are only for the students taking Prof. Shum's course (Physics 2100) in spring 2018 semester.

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Physics 2100 (Spring 2018)

Syllabus (revised 2/13/18)

Syllabus (revised on 3/28/2018)







Specical notes:

1. Example 21.5 on finding current on each resistor using Kirchhoff's rules

2. Exam-1A with answers

3. Exam-1B with answers

4. Scores for exam-1





Exam2-review-equation sheet

Exam2a = Exam2b with answers (Note: problem#1b answer is now correct)

Exam2b with answers


Scores for exam1&2 (Note: for exam2, problem #4d was not evaluated)


Ch25 Geometric optics

Ch24 EM wave (additional materials: #1, #2, and #3)

Ch27 Wave optics

Additional material on wave diffraction/interference (reference only!)


Exam3a answers

Exam3b answers

Scores for exam1, 2, &3 (Please check the accuracy with your record!!)


Final-exam-a with answers

Final-exam-b with answers, solution for P3

Scores for exam1, 2, 3 Lab, and final-exam (not complete for the students took their labs with another instructor)


Openstax College Physics (Ch18 to Ch34)


Charles Coulomb (1736 - 1806)

  Vedio: explaining why electron does not collapse to positively charged proton in hydrogen atom

Physics 2150 -- (Calculus Based General Physics)

Jame Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879)


Physics 4900 -- (Advanced Physics Laboratory)

Physics 3950 -- (Modern Physics Laboratory) Syllabus

Physics 85100 (at GC of CUNY) -- (Physics of Semiconductors -- Selected Topics) Syllabus

Special note: Thanks to those original owners who measured data and created art works, used in my presentations for the education purpose.

Topic 1: Semiconductor overview    
Topic 2: Quantum mechanics

Schrodinger wave equation (Yariv 1D & HO, 1D GaAs-AlGaAs, Shum's note, Exciton binding energy)

Time-dependent Schrodinger equation (Yariv, Shum's VQP (questions, please send an email to me), Jihad's paper)

Quantum superposition

Quantum entanglement (Shum's note)

Topic 3: Quantum statistics

Bose's initial paper

Additional reference

Topic 4: Electronic states in semiconductors    
Topic 5: Counting electrons and holes    
Topic 6: Computer simulation    
Topic 7: Phonons and electron-phonon interaction references  
Topic 8: Electron mobility references  
Topic 9: Hall apparatus demo    
Topic 10: Photons in semiconductors

ref.1 Shum's note on electron-photon interaction

ref.2 Ch15 Photon in semiconductors

ref.3 Optical properties in semiconductors

Topic 11: Semiconductor devices    
Topic 12: A few basic questions