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Lipke, P. (2015) “Force-induced cell wall amyloid A-D: ale, biofilms, commensalism, and disease" ASM Microbe World. Online at: 


Lipke, P. (2012), "Roles of glycans in yeast cell walls", in Pierce, M. (ed.), Glycobiology: , The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, London (online at


Klotz, S., and P. Lipke (2010) Medicine Grand Rounds: Candidiasis: Important Clinical and Basic Science Perspectives.


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Medical Consequences of Fungal Surface Amyloids

Candida amyloid adhesins are Romulan cloaking devices:

Behrens, N.E., P.N. Lipke, D. Pilling, R.H. Gomer and S.A. Klotz. Serum Amyloid P Component Binds Fungal Surface Amyloid and Decreases Human Macrophage Phagocytosis and Secretion of Inflammatory Cytokines. 2019. mBio 10:e00218-19. PMC6414697


Klotz, S.A., R. Sobonya, P.N. Lipke, and M.C. Garcia-Sherman. 2016. Serum Amyloid P Component binds to Amyloid in Pathogenic Fungi: Host Protection or a Trojan Horse? Open Forum Infectious Diseases. doi:10.1093/ofid/ofw166 PMC5047411


Garcia-Sherman, M.C., T. Lundberg, R Sobonya, P.N. Lipke, and S.A. Klotz. 2015. A Unique Biofilm in Human Deep Mycoses: Fungal Amyloid is bound by Host Serum Amyloid P Component. NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes. npj Biofilms and Microbiomes 1, Article number: 15009 (2015) ?doi:10.1038/npjbiofilms.2015.9 [“Featured article”] PMID: 26366292; PMC4563996


Garcia-Sherman, M.C., N. Lysak, A. Filonenko, H. Richards, R.E. Sobonya, S.A. Klotz, and P.N. Lipke. 2014. Peptide detection of fungal functional amyloids in infected tissue. PLoS One PMC3897640



Candida adhesins and amyloids: a novel type of cell-cell adhesion


Dehullu, J., C. Valotteau, P. Herman-Bausier, M. Garcia-Sherman, M. Mittelviefhaus, J.A. Vorholt, P.N. Lipke*, and Y.F. Dufrêne* (*co-corresponding authors). 2019. Homophilic adhesion by Candida albicans Als proteins is mediated by amyloid-like interactions between cells. Nano Letters 19, 3846-3853 


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Jackson, D.N., L. Yang, S.B. Wu; E.J. Kennelly, and P.N. Lipke. Garcinia benzophenones promote hyphal apoptosis and potentiate activity of fluconazole in C albicans biofilms. 2015. Antimicrobial Agents Chemother. 59: 6032-6038. doi: 10.1128/AAC.00820-15 PMID: 26195512 PMC4576022


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Cell walls

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Lipke, P. and U. Edupaganthi. Process for increased yeast biomass. Patent Application 15/856,667



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