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Back row: Rachele Dolce Rameau post-MA and new Ma, Uthama Edupaganti Sr. technician and new Ma, Anne Lipke experienced Ma, Peter Lipke Pa, Ivor Joseph MA student, Dr. Desmond Jackson post-doc research assoc.

In the middle: Dr. Melissa Garcia post-doc research assoc., Alandra Mitchell technician, Dr. Caleen Ramsook post-doc research assoc.

Front folk: Michael Bois PhD student and t-shirt designer, Alyssa samlalsingh super-UG, Cho Tan Chan PhD student and Ma-to-be.



Almost TMTC!

Back row: Grad student Ray Fung; Gavin Ray Barnaby, HS intern; Sean Singh grad student; Peter Lipke; Anne Lipke, lab mgr.; Ivor Joseph, grad student; Victor Gresseau, grad student (top right insert)

Middle row: Tresha Dorce, lab asst.; Shaquanda Forte, undergrad; Potential Nobel Prize Winner Alyssa Samlalsingh, undergrad; Nataliya Lysak, undergrad; Desmond Jackson, Post-doc Res. Assoc.; Caleen Ramsook, Post-doc Res. Assoc.; Rachele Rameau, grad student (inset)

Down front: Grad student Michael Bois with potential Nobel Prize winner Lucas Lipke, grad student (inset); Uthama Edupaganthi, senior lab tech; Cho Tan, grad student and t-shirt designer; Melissa Garcia, Post-doc Res. Assoc.; Alandra Mitchell, lab tech. (inset)




Tresha Dorce                                                                                                              Urmee Saha

Ray Fung    Xianfa Xie  Peter Lipke    Sean Singh Desmond Jackson        Rachele Dolce

                         Nafisa Chaudhury  Hazel Richards   Uthama Edupaganthi

                                                                                                                Caleen Ramsook

                                            Crystal Schloss   Cho Tan             Melissa Garcia

Michael (the Greek) Bois                                                                                    Sasha Filonenko


 (We were all invisible superheroes)



2008: From left: Alex Pyronneau, undergrad, now MD/PhD student at Einstein; Dr. Charley Hicks, visitor; now Dr. Marlyn Gonzalez, PhD student; Crystal Schloss, lab manager; Dr. Lipke; Tresha Dorce, undergrad; Andreia Sabau, undergrad; Karen Wong, undergrad; Greg Soybelman, undergrad, now med student at Downstate; Rena Dimersky, undergrad, now PA; Raymond Fung, PhD student; insets: Jesse Medina, undergraduate, now in law school; Dr. Janis Lee, post-doc.


2007: now Dr. Marlyn Gonzalez, PhD student; Dr. Janis Lee, post-doc; Ryan Henry, now Esq., undergrad; Crystal Schloss, lab manager; Tresha Dorce, undergrad; Dr. Lipke; Leslie Aguirre, undergrad; Alex Pyronneau, undergrad; missing: now Dr. Henry Otoo, PhD student; Jesse Medina, undergraduate


Lab members, 2004:

Back: now Dr. Juan Coronado; now Dr. Jason Rauceo; Atina Silkovic, lab manager; Peter Lipke; now Dr. Naira Rezende; now Dr. Henry Otoo; Dr. Rafael Ovalle; now Dr. Marlyn Gonzalez. Front: Timothy Akojenu, undergraduate; Naomi Thomas; now Dr. Pearl Kipnis. Not shown: Alex Ismail, Susan Minott, Stephanie Ye, undergraduates; now Dr. Drahmane Kaba, MD.


Lipke Lab, 2002:

(L-R: N. Rezende [undergrad, now PhD from Cornell-Weill], C. Paul [undergrad], J. Rauceo [doctoral student, now Asst. Prof. at John Jay College], J. Bastien [undergrad, now PhD from Columbia], M. Gonzalez [doctoral student, now a post-doc], N. Thomas [MA student], J. Duran [undergrad], Dr. R. Ovalle, D. Marotta [technician], P. Lipke, Dr. P. Kipnis, F. Lim [MA student], T. Robinson [undergrad, now PhD from Stony Brook], not shown: T. Alexis [undergrad, now PhD student at Columbia], J. Coronado [doctoral student, now from PhD CUNY])