CORC1312 Computing: Its Nature, Power and Limits

    Textbook: Pearson Custom, Computer Science: Brooklyn College, Pearson Learning Solutions .
    The textbook is available in the College Bookstore, ISBN # 1-256-60114-4.
    Do not but previous editions as the 2013 edition has a large number of updates.

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Final Exam - Dec 19th - Room 2127N 10:30-12:30PM

Lecture Notes and Audio

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  Welcome Audio
Computer Basics Computer Basics

The Internet and the Web

Check out How Stuff Works for more info

The Internet & Web
Algorithms and Programming Languages Algorithms   Programming Languages
HTML and Web Pages HTML Part 1   HTML Part 2
Representing Information & Multimedia Digitally Storing Data Part 1   Part 2
The History of Computers
     Watch the video Modern Marvels - Creation of the Computer (Google Video)
Self explanatory
Javascript and Dynamic Web Pages Javascript - Dynamic Web Pages
Event-Driven Pages Events Driven Pages
Inside the Computer Inside The Computer
Artifical Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
Limits of Computation Limits of Computation
Encryption Encryption
Privacy & Security Privacy & Security
e-Commerce e-Commerce

Labs & Homeworks


World Wide view of due and 2012
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