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Brooklyn College Chemistry Department

Ph.D. in Chemistry at CUNY Graduate Center

Ryan P. Murelli, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, 2010 - 2017
Associate Professor, 2017 - Present
Department of Chemistry

Brooklyn College
City University of New York

Joint Appoitment, 2010 - Present
Organic Subdiscipline Chair, 2017 - Present
PhD Program in Chemistry

The Graduate Center
City University of New York

B.A., Hamilton College, 1998-2002
Ph.D., Boston College, 2002-2007
Postdoctoral Research, Yale University, 2007-2010

Biography: Ryan was born in Torrington, CT and attended college at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. Starting in the summer of 2000, Ryan was given the opportunity to work in the lab of his organic chemistry professor, Dr. Ian J. Rosenstein, where he worked on stereoselective radical processes as well as the development of molecular probes for studying radical clock mechanisms.

He went on to graduate school at Boston College, where he joined the lab of Dr. Marc L. Snapper and worked on several projects spanning methods development and total synthesis. During his time there, he developed a synthetic route to the anti-inflammatory natural product cacospongionolide B and a series of rigid analogs. He also studied diazotransfer reactions with ruthenium metathesis catalysts and developed synthetic methods employing these in concert with the metathesis reaction. He finished his doctoral dissertation in the summer of 2007, and moved on to begin a postdoctoral position at Yale University.

At Yale, he joined the lab of Dr. David A. Spiegel, who at the time was just beginning his independant career. There, Ryan applied his synthetic chemistry background toward a series of projects devoted to understanding and manipulating biological processes. The most fruitful of these projects was the development of a bifunctional molecule capable of templating the human immune system to target prostate cancer.

Ryan began his independent career at Brooklyn College in 2010, where he is currently establishing a research program aimed at developing and utilizing powerful synthetic methods toward the development and understanding of various biologically active natural products.