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Brooklyn College Chemistry Department

Ph.D. in Chemistry at CUNY Graduate Center

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Research Associate

We have filled our recent postdoctoral research associate position and do not have any additional open positions at the current time.

Graduate Research Assistant

A strong and vibrant group of graduate research assistants is the lifeblood of our research group. As such, we are always seeking new talented and passionate graduate students who are interested in developing skills in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and/or chemical biology. If you want to hear more about these opportunities, please email Ryan at rpmurelli@brooklyn.cuny.edu, and send your application to the CUNY Graduate Center.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Our research group is committed to providing opportunities to undergraduate students who are interested in seeking careers in organic chemistry-based research. Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed with requests and do not have the space or resources to accomodate near as many as we would like. Thus, if you are an undergraduate student interested in joining the group, please consider joining Prof. Murelli's spring research experience. Contact Prof. Murelli in the Fall shortly before registering for classes in the Spring for more details.