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     Thomas Hunt Morgan      
     James D. Watson
   Ernest Rutherford
    Sir Walter Ramsey
     John Napier
     Simon Donaldson
    Sir Isaac Newton
    James Clerk Maxwell
  • Scots have been significant in many of the major inventions of the last 300 years including the steam engine, telegraph and computer. In addition to the practical science of invention, the Scots have made as enormous impact on the pure sciences of the world as well. The contributions to science began early and continues up to the present, and in all parts of the world.


  • James Gregory invented the Gregorian Reflecting Telescope. James Short, a celebrated telescope maker, was the first person to deduce the Solar Parallax.


  • Thomas Henderson was born in Dundee and became the first person to measure the distance between the earth and a star. The name of that star was Alpha Centauri. In Germany , John Lamont, the son of a Braemar Forester, discovered the satellites of Uranus in 1837.