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Today there are about 28 million people of Scottish ancestry in the world. Over 12 million live in the United States, 4 million in Canada and 5 million in Scotland. Yet, while relatively few in number, Scottish accomplishments throughout history rival those of even the largest ethnic groups. Scots have been involved in every field of human endeavor, from science to the arts to politics and exploration. This site is to make people aware of those accomplishments and achievements.. Although the Scottish nation is small, remote and poor in origin, the Scots, in their diaspora have had an enormous impact in many countries. This impact is sometimes forgotten or unnoticed because of the unusual tendency of the Scots to assimilate completely into the general population. Thus, in Canada, immigrant Scots, a poor, humble, reticent people are considered to be Scots.



The children of these immigrants, who are businessmen, professionals, authors and scientists are thought of as Canadians. We would like to dispel the peasant image of the Scots as a people who only drink whiskey, eat haggis, throw tree trunks around screaming and yelling while listening to bagpipe music. Scots are also frequently confused with the Irish, as if they were both part of the same race. Diluted genes and worldwide dispersion does not make Scottish culture and contribution irrelevant. Throughout modern history, we can observe an endless tide of Scottish scientists and inventors along with a laundry list of actors, soldiers, artists, authors, and politicians bearing the Scottish surnames of grand old families. Some people feel that the achievement of a nation is the sum of the individual attainments of its people. If this be the case, than Scotland may as well be a mighty nation. This tiny minority has certainly made their presence felt all over the world.