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X-ray Diffraction System


Philips X’Pert-MPD X-ray Diffraction System

This multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer is a Philips X'Pert MPD system with a vertical Θ-Θ goniometer (190 mm radius). The X-ray source is a long-fine-focus, ceramic X-ray tube with Cu anode. Normal operating power is 40 kV, 50 mA (2.0 kW). The system optics consist of programmable divergence, anti-scatter, and receiving slits, incident and diffracted beam soller slits, a curved graphite diffracted beam monochromator, and a proportional counter detector (Bragg-Brentano parafocusing geometry). The principal application of this system is phase analysis of powder and thin film samples. The Multi-Purpose Sample Stage supports typical cavity-type powder mounts and will also accommodate monolithic specimens of a wide variety of sizes and shape