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Scanning Electron Microscopy


Brooklyn College has JEOLScanning Electron Microscope (Model - JSM 6300F). It also has Princeton Gamma-Tech (PGT) energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) system attached. This is a high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope with field emission system for fine electron source. Useful magnifications in excess of 200,000 times are obtainable, which translate to a resolution of 1.5 nm at an accelerating voltage of 30 kV. The high brightness of this source also allows high resolution imaging and characterization of beam sensitive materials (eg. fragile plastics and integrated circuits) at high magnifications in excess of 100,000 times at very low accelerating voltages (ie. 0.2 to 5 kV). It has sample stage that can hold up to six standard specimens at a time.