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Nakarmi 's Research Group

Mim Lal Nakarmi is an Assistant Professor of Physics in Brooklyn College. His research interest is in experimental semiconductor physics. His research focused on the development of semiconductor materials for photonic applications. His research work has contributed in the development of AlGaN and AlN based deep ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes and photodetectors. He has published about 40 papers and has a pending patent application on UV light emission technology.

Areas of Expertise:
Growth of wide bandgap semiconductors such as GaN, AlN, ZnO using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) techniques; characterize the materials for the fundamental understanding of electrical, structural, and optical properties of semiconductor epitaxy and nano-structures; design and fabrication of optoelectronic devices.







Prof. Mim Lal Nakarmi
Department of Physics
2156C Ingersoll Hall
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Tel: 718-951-5000 x 2867
Fax: 718-951-4407