Christian Beneš
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Brooklyn College / CUNY

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A Local Central Limit Theorem and Loss of Rotational Symmetry of Planar Simple Random Walk. To Appear in Transactions of the AMS. Link to the location of an older version on the arXiv.

Scaling limit of the loop-erased random walk Green's function (with F. Johansson Viklund and G. Lawler) Prob. Theory and Related Fields 166:271-319, 2016. Link to its location on the arXiv.

On the Rate of Convergence of Loop-Erased Random Walk to SLE(2) (with M. Kozdron and F. Johansson Viklund). Communications in Mathematical Physics, 318:307-354, 2013. Link to its location on the arXiv.

Data analysis and statistical tests for near-infrared functional studies of the brain (with Angelo Sassaroli, Yunjie Tong, and Sergio Fantini) Proc. SPIE, Vol. 6850, 685008 (2008); DOI:10.1117/12.761707

Counting Planar Random Walk Holes Annals of Probability, 1, 91-126 , 2008; link to its location on the arXiv.

Some Estimates for Planar Random Walk and Brownian Motion link to its location on the arXiv.

On Some Problems Concerning Planar Random Walks (Ph.D. Thesis; link to the .pdf file)