Travelling to JOHN O’ GROATS

Some videos of people travelling to John o' Groats, because not all of us can get out. Have FUN!

"This journey takes one over some 50 miles between Bettyhill and John o' Groats along the A836. The nature of the landscape changes markedly once into Caithness having left the mountains behind, becoming relatively flat. It then runs along the coast by Dounrey and on to Thurso and beyond, before finally reaching John o' Groats"

"Lands Ends to John O'Groats September 2013. 1000 miles from one end of the country to the other 6 friends with varying degrees of cycling experience on a 13 day trip of a lifetime."



Simon Pegg in Space

yes, Simon Pegg was born in Gloucestershire, England...but DOES portray Montgomery Scott in the new Star Trek films, so this is tangentially "Scottish".

As I carefully back out of the room before someone throws something at me I just thought Simon Pegg having a conversation with space station astronaut Kate Rubins would prove to be interesting.

Read the full article here: 'Star Trek' Actor Simon Pegg Talks Space Tech with Astronaut in Orbit

And watch the video here:

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