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Our humbleness has led us, now and at other times, to beseech your highness more devoutly so that, having God and public decency in sight, you would take pains to cease from our persecution and the disturbance of the people of our kingdom in order that devastation and the spilling of a neighbour's blood may henceforth stop

Translated from Latin from a recently discovered letter from Robert the Bruce to Edward the Second



Are we up on our royalty? This month's quiz deals with royals who had an impact on Scotland.. Do you know them?

1. Who was the king of the Picts, who according to the National mythology, was the first king of the Scots?

2. Which king was known as "The Hammer of the Scots"?

3. Name the Scottish king who ruled from 1040 and who is the subject of a very fictionalized Shakespeare play.?

4. A "maybe" queen, who was not crowned at Scone, and who never set foot on Scottish soil is known as ?

5. Which king came into power in 1306, after a 10 year interregnum?.


1. Who was the commander of Stirling Castle on that day?
Correct answer: Sir Phiiip Mowbray

2. The Scalacronica is a book written by the son of a man who was captured during the battle. The book is based on his father’s memories of the battle. Both father and son have the same name. What is the name
Correct answer: Thomas Grey

3. Who led the Scottish 500 Light Horse cavalry?
Correct answer: Robert Keith

4. Many of the English drowned in Bannock Burn, and other drowned in a nearby river. What is the name of the river?
Correct answer: The River Forth

5 To what castle did Edward flee from which he sailed to England?
Correct answer: Dunbar