Course material for International Macroeconomics and Finance Economics 86200

Syllabus updated 02/09

Lecture Notes

I.Balance of Payments: Basic Relations and International Imbalances updated 02/09


II.Intertemporal Models of Current Account

1.Theoretical background :

(i) Two-period models

(ii) Infinite horizon model updated 02/09

2. Empirical evidence on optimal current account models updated 03/09

3. Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle and Capital Flows updated 03/09

4. Fiscal Policy in Intertemporal Current Account and Overlapping Generation Models updated 03/09


III. Models of Exchange Rates

1. Theory

2. Empirical Evidence on Exchange Rates


Econometric Appendix 03/09

Sample questions 03/25

Midterm: 03/27/09