Merih Uctum

Professor of Economics
Executive Officer, Program in Economics, the Graduate Center
City University of New York

Program in Economics The Graduate Center
City University of New York
365 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10016-430
Phone: (212) 720- 8265; Fax: (212) 817-1514
Graduate Center


Department of Economics
Brooklyn College
216 Whitehead Hall
Brooklyn, NY





Fields of Specialization: International Macroeconomics, International Finance,Financial Development.

I am a Professor of Economics at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of CUNY. My research includes work on fiscal solvency, sustainability of foreign debt and intertemporal solvency; international portfolio flows and foreign direct investment; international financial integration; financial crises; corporate profits; exchange rates and choice of currency regimes. Before joining CUNY, I was a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. I received a Ph.D. in economics from Queen's University, Canada.

Curriculum vitae





Dissertation Supervision (Economics 90000)



Current: Graduate (Ph.D) : International Money and Finance, Economics 86200 (Citrix: S:\Data\IM&F); Applied Macroeconometrics, Economics 82400 (Citrix: S:\Data\Macrometrix); Special topics in Macroeconomics, Economics 81500

Previous: Principles of Macroeconomics Economics 10.1 ; Money and Banking Economics 70.1 ; International Money and Finance Economics 76.1; Microeconomics, Economics 20.1.


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