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Anonymous reviews written by students.


2011 - Reviews

I took managerial accounting with him this semester and I'm still amazed at his level of commitment to his students.He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is always well prepared, helpful and enthusiastic. I can't wait to take his tax course in the spring.

I have never came across a professor like him in Brooklyn College.He is one of a kind and such a great motivator to doing better.He genuinely cares for his students and their understanding of the material.Although this was a fully online course any questions i had he would answer in the most quickest way possible,he is always available for students

Thank you so much for this amazing class, for your time, and willingness to teach us. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. Have a good summer ... you deserve it. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to be your student, and I am very thankful for it. Thank you for all your support and continous help.


2010 - Reviews

Professor Bassell is THE BEST teacher I've ever had. The most helpful and supportive professor in college. He is very straightforward and you can't go wrong. I think if you take him you'll realize that he strives for your success. Extraordinary people are the ones that make others feel outstanding.

Extraordinary Professor & Coach who goes above & beyond to assist his students. He truly cares about his students' success & he encourages us every step of the way. He responds to all our emails & text messages in a timely fashion. He is understanding & kind. He is also a mentor to his students. GREAT JOB COACH.

Great Professor. Wonderful online learning experience, very interesting topic. Great motivator and very accessible at all times! Do your assignments and tests. Must read text to keep up. I got an A+ and I think his teaching style is A+. This is what teaching should be about, inspiring students to strive for excellence. He loves his job!


2009 - Reviews

Great Professor. Knows what he is talking about. Has a lot of knowledge in the business field.I love his teaching style! I would rate professor bassell 99% because unlike other professors he teaches in a way that students can learn. I could actually say I never fell asleep in his class.

He is the by far the best professor I have ever had. He has sound knowledge of what he teaches. Hes so professional. He has proved himself an asset to Brooklyn College. He so concerned about his students' success. Hes superlative, Hes the champion. I will miss his class a lot.

Coach is just awesome. He really helped me believe in myself and made me see that sometimes the impossible just is possible. What he teaches in the classroom will be applicable not just to the class but to your other classes. He will be your mentor even after you no longer have in as a professor and that is a rarity at BC.


2008 - Reviews

Coach wants you to succeed. He is a professor that truly wants to help and does everything in his power to help his students. Yes, his class is a lot of work but at the end you come out of it knowing that anything is possible. I feel like I have accomplished so much. I highly recommend Prof. B. There is a reason his classes are hard to get into....

Coach is a pretty amazzzzing person. I have never met anyone quite like him in my studies at Brooklyn, nor do I think I ever will. I went into the course dragging but by the end, the high level of motivation I felt even shocked me. He is more than just a professor; he is a coach. He wants you to succeed and failure is not an option.

Professor B is the best professor in all of Brooklyn College I consider him a terrific mentor, and coach as well as a friend. He has helped me tremendously in my studies at brooklyn college and he is truly a professor who is outstanding, I love going to his class because you will learn something new almost every class & he keeps class interesting

2007 - Reviews

Great Professor. Knows what he is talking about. Has a lot of knowledge in the business field.I love his teaching style! I would rate professor bassell 99% because unlike other professors he teaches in a way that students can learn. I could actually say I never fell asleep in his class.

He's funny and knows how to teach students in a calm and relaxed manner. We could apply alot his teachings to the real world. Instructor is very likeable and interacts with the class. Very open to dfferent views and sensitive to them. He knows his subject inside and out. Presents everything clearly and has a lively personality. Very engaging, caring, and smart professor.

Professor is very good with communicating with students and there is nothing better then a professor who genuinely cares about student success. Professor cares about his students and really wants them to succeed in their careers. He has a special way of capturing your attention. He has been helpful and motivates us to do our best. I like the fact that class is fun and he knows everyones name.

2006 - Reviews

He's a great professor. Very clear, informative, and helpful. He kept the class very interesting and lively. The projects were time consuming but well worth it. I learned and actually retained a lot of information and would recommend taking his class. He's also a pretty snazzy dresser. :-)

The best teacher I have had at Brooklyn College by far. Not only was the class very informative, the assignments paralleled work actually done in the field which is great training. Take him for any class, he is a great instructor as well as a great person - you wont regret it.

2005 Reviews

Prof. Bassell is definitely one of a kind. I've never met a professor so dedicated and caring. He really wants his students to learn. His quizzes are a little annoying but their good because they keep you on your toes and if you have any problems with it, he's always willing to help. You'll get the grade you deserve, as long as you put in the effort.

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