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Applied Research Methods

BUSN 7279 :  Fall 2013 Syllabus --> click here

Required Textbook:
Business Research Methods
By Cooper and Schindler
McGraw Hill Publishers
11th edition (not the 12th)
ISBN: 978-0-07-337370-6

Recommended Textbook: (Optional)
Advanced Econometrics
By Takeshi Amemiya
Harvard University Press

The specific questions for each assignment are on BlackBoard.

HW A - Akron --> click here
Akron Video Clip --> click here

HW B - Red Cross --> click here

HW C - Donato --> click here
Donato Video Clip --> click here
Video Lecture A: Research Classifications and Scales --> click here

HW D is located on BlackBoard.

HW E is located on BlackBoard.

HW F - Akron B --> click here
Video Lecture B -->click here
Video Lecture C -->click here

HW G is located on BlackBoard.

HW H - McDonalds --> click here
Video Lecture D -->click here
Video Lecture E -->click here

HW I is located on BlackBoard.

HW J Ramada --> click here

HW K is located on BlackBoard.

HW L is located on BlackBoard.

HW M Starbucks --> click here

HW N is located on BlackBoard.

HW O Ohio Lotery --> click here


Additional course materials are available online in BlackBoard.



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