Edinburgh to Glasgow

So you thinking of taking a quick day trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow – a mere 48.1 miles – perhaps 56 minutes by train or an hour and five minutes should you choose to drive – forget it. While these are not exactly off the beaten path, I discovered that it is NOT 48.1 miles from Edinburgh to Glasgow, but some 11 hours and 55 minutes – BY PLANE. Worse still it could take 18 hours and 42 minutes. Worse – they are 6479 miles apart!!!! Wha?

What craziness is this? Well some Scottish named places can be found OUTSIDE of Scotland. For example, Edinburgh can be found not only in Scotland but in 4 states in the US:

Indiana (pop. 4,792 in 2017)

Ohio (pp. 2,583 2018)


South Carolina (pop data not available. Edinburgh is in Dentsville which has a population of 15,266 as of July 1, 2021)

North Carolina (which also has a Scotland County) (pop data not available for Edinburgh but is 49272 for Hoke County in which Edinburgh is located)

The US has no monopoly on Edinburghs, however. There is also one in South Africa and one in St. Helena

Glasgows abound – far more than Edinburghs! The US alone boasts some 14. Jamaica has 3 while Suriname and Guyana have one each.

So, some Edinburghs and some Glasgows are definitely off the beaten path. In fact, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas on the Northt Coast of Tristan de Cunha is the worlds most isolated settlement! That is pretty far off the beaten path! The distances given above are for Jamaica to Scotland and St. Helena to Scotland both of which link an Edinburgh and a Glasgow!