Wild lynx in Scotland

The Eurasian lynx used to roam across Scotland over 500 years ago, but a combination of hunting and erosion of habitat caused this species to disappear from the British island. For a number of years there's been talk of reintroducing the wild lynx to Scotland. Several groups - most especially farmers - are worried about what this may mean, so there's an effort to get a consensus.

Are there enough roe deer to feed these lynx? Apparently, there are. However, people are still understandable concerned. After all, this will end up being the largest predator found in Scotland for hundreds of years. Aside from humans, of course. There are organizations which believe the lynx will be good for the woodlands. the groups that hope for this reintroduction are The Big Picture, Trees for Life and Vincent Wildlife Trust. They will be conducting a year long investigation examining the general populations willingness to live with this cat within the borders of Scotland.

At the end of the year we will see what happens. Scotland may get it's big cat. Or not.

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Edinburgh in the 1960's

Robert Blomfield was a doctor and amateur photographer who walked around Edinburgh taking wonderful photos of life in the city.

The Guardian has featured some of his photographs: "Hidden in a shoebox: vintage Edinburgh shots that were nearly lost – in pictures"

"Robert Blomfield’s stunning pictures of the Scottish capital were locked away for decades. Now his family want to share his talent with the world"

Scottish twitter


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