Valneva - A Vaccine Candidate from Scotland

During this past year over two hundred groups have been working on their own vaccines to combat the CoronaVirus. You can see them listed using the COVID-19 VACCINE TRACKER

By now the BIONTECH/PFIZER is being distributed. The MODERNA should be distributed by the time this newsletter is published.

AstraZeneca is the third vaccine that is next in line for distribution.

Valneva - situated in Livingston, West Lothian - is beginning clinical trials. The UK government has pre-ordered 60 million doses, hoping that this vaccine candidate will be effective.

If the Valneva vaccine works out to be effective, the facility in Livingston will manufacture about 250 million vaccine doses by years' (2021) end.


I Love Glasgow

I've discovered a web site where you can drink up lovely photos of Glasgow.

It's called "I Love Glasgow". For those people who are into Instagram you can follow them here.

For those who want a direct line to the web site go to I Love Glasgow

You'll discover nice places to visit and enjoy in Glasgow.

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