The Crawick Multiverse

by cecilia

Many years ago the 55 acre site of Crawick was mined for coal. Eventually, mining ceased and the land was left ugly. The Duke of Buccleuch wanted to change that. By 2005 he had landscape artist Charles Jenck design a concept for the area.

After moving earth and rocks for several years the Crawick Multiverse opened in 2015

It's an amazing combination of our 21st Century understanding of the Universe represented in stone and Earth. I love the idea of taking land that was ugly and "useless" was turned into Art and a place to explore one's feelings about the Universe. And nature.

A video showing the various parts of the park.

In this very long video where Charles Jenck discusses his concepts in the Crawick Multiverse among other projects.

The Crawick Multiverse has events including some coming in September. Check their site for information.

Angus McHaggis viewing the stars

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