Scotch in Space

by Tom Doran

Well, as many of you know, the Scottish engineer aboard the starship Enterprise - Montgomery Scott - made it to space in the original Star Trek television series (and later films) beginning in 1966. And while there were many synthetic alcoholic drinks and alien brews to be had in that far-away future, Scotty always preferred his earth-made Scotch Whisky when he needed a dram of something good. After all, he was a stereotypical Scotsman – an engineer with a taste for his homeland’s most famous drink. So in a way, the unique liquor of Scotland was in space 50 plus years before today. But that was just a fantasy.

Ardbeg Distillery, with a little help, has now made it a reality.

The story can be better told by following the links below, and I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting – and like Scotland’s national drink – unique.

James Doohan, who portrayed the most famous of Scottish spacemen has passed from his life, and after several attempts, his ashes have finally been launched into space – and now, his favorite refreshment has followed suit. A match, almost literally, made in heaven.

THE EXPERIMENT - the 'terpenes' return to Earth. Mark your calendar! - 12th September 2014

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Highland Communications - Pamphlet

The pamphlet “Highland Communications” was written by Iain Cameron Taylor © 1969 and illustrations by Jim Nicholson. It was printed by John G, Eccles Longman, Inverness and was published by An Comunn Gàidhealach with whose kind permission we publish it here.

Within you will find a fascinating and detailed history of the Drove Roads and Highland Military Roads.

These pamphlets have been scanned and therefore are large image files.

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Scottish Twitters

I (cecilia) joined Twitter recently. Before you judge me harshly it was done mainly to follow certain science related sources. However, it occurred to me that there's also Scottish interests on Twitter and I should go find a few to share with our readers. So here goes: