Tartan Day Parade: An Enormous Success


  April 6th, the long awaited date for the "Tunes of Glory" Tartan Day Parade arrived - a windy and cold day with even some snow showers falling before the parade started. Member of the various groups began to appear about noon, forming up in the streets of Midtown Manhattan in the West 40's between 5th and 6th Aves. As the member of the pipe bands started to arrive, they took out their instruments and began tuning and playing. Slowly the sound of the pipes started to build to a mighty crescendo - there was electric in the air. This was really going to happen!

  By 2 o'clock, the long awaited event had arrived and the parade, with Sean Connery was the Marshall, started north on 6th Ave. from about 44th Street and marched to 59th, where it turned west and proceeded along Central Park. The thousands of participants turned into the park and marched up to 72nd Street where it ended all too soon.

  Band after band from all over the United States and from dozens of other countries filed up the streets crowded eight and nine deep with wildly cheering spectators waving St. Andrew's and Rampant Lion flags. The news reporters from virtually all the stations were there with video cameras covering the whole event.

  In what can only be called an unqualified success, the parade ended all too soon. The big question that was on everyone's lips was "Is this going to become an annual event?". We sure hope so!.

  Click here for some photos of the parade




Performance of the Edinburgh Postal Band


  All good things must come to an end, and just as we were all feeling the let down of the big parade, lo and behold, the Edinburgh Postal Pipe Band stays off or massive depression for yet another day by performing a concert at the Church at 86th Street and Columbus Ave. The concert and following reception was arranged by the Caledonian Club of New York.

  The highly successful concert and the following reception were arranged by George Campbell of the Caledonian Club. Once again Susan Scateno led the kitchen brigade in producing tons of food for the occasion. The crowd stayed until the very end, talking with the pipers who responded by playing "just one more" tune for the crowd!

  Click here for a slideshow of the concert