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Dr. Vasiliy S. Znamenskiy
Marshak Science Bulding J-1130
Convent Avenue & 138th Street
New York, New York 10031
znamensk@sci.ccny.cuny.edu           http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/vznamenskiy/
EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE Postdoctoral/research position
A programer/analyst in the design and development of applications software.
Development and design of Internet pages.
EDUCATION Physics Dep., Kabardino-Balkarian State University
PhD 12/1994
Major: in Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Physics Dep., Novosibirsk State University
Master of Science 6/1978
Major: Physics. Specialization: Physics of High-Speed processes. Professor: Vitali F. Nesterenko
6/2003 - present Chemistry department, City College, CUNY
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Quantum mechanical ab initio calculations for molecules (GAUSSIAN).
(Beowulf PC cluster, Linux PC).
Program development for data processing (C,C++).
5/2002 - 5/2003 Chemistry department, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Computer simulation study of the solvatochromism of betaine-30 in an ionic liquid
(Beowulf PC cluster, Linux PC and SUN workstations).
Program development for data processing (C,C++).
System administration.
1/2001 - 4/2001 Chemistry Department, George Washington University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Computer simulation study of the evaporation of protein ions from water nanodroplet
(Silicon Graphics Indigo workstations, IP22, IRIX; SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise,SunOS).
Program development for data processing (C, C++ Builder).
PC, workstation administration.
1/1997 - Present Comp. Sc. Dep., Kabardino-Balkarian State Univ.
Associate Professor

I have taught courses:
  1. Modern high-level languages (C, C++, Java Script, Dynamic HTML; 5 years);
  2. Algorithmic languages and programming (C; 5 years);
  3. Real-time systems (Petri Nets, SDL scripts; 5 years).
  4. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (1 semester)
  5. Introduction to Computer Science (Pascal, Basic; 3 semester)
  6. Introduction to Higher Mathematics (in the College of Bank Employees, 1 semester)
  7. Chemical Computer Science (Course for high school chemistry teachers)
Research Projects:
Creation of electronic library of resources on the information defense, accessible through the Internet (Development of the Web page; Java script, html; http://www.az.ru/defence/)
1/1981 - 1/1997 Kabardino-Balkarian State University
Senior Researcher, Assistant Professor

    I have been participated in various research projects:
  1. Development of web-pages for small research firms ( http://pectin.chat.ru/, http://www.az.ru/demercur/, http://chinser.chat.ru/ )
  2. Software development of computer-aided methods for designing of new polymers (C,C++)
  3. Development of molecular-dynamics simulation software (FORTRAN, Pascal, Turbo C, Borland C++)
  4. Computer-aided system of the production analysis for a factory's administration (dBASE, FoxBase)
  5. Transforming of some software for new platform and language (FORTRAN, C)
  6. Simulation of inertial automated control systems for flexible flying objects (PL/1, FORTRAN)
  7. Development of software for the simulation of the computer-aided control system of urban buses (PL/1)
  8. Modeling & simulation software of INMARSAT communication (C, Pascal, SDL-scripts)
  9. Optimization of signal processing algorithms(PL/1, FORTRAN)
1/1978 - 1/1981 Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Software support for calculation of supersonic flows of heterogeneous systems in regions with complex boundaries. (FORTRAN, Algol)
9/1977 - 9/1978 Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics of SB RAS
Research Assistant

Investigation of parameters of shock-compressed materials by use of contactless detectors in a magnet chamber
SKILLS Modeling software: CHARMM, DL_POLY, gOpenMol, PC Spartan
Algol, FORTRAN, PL/1, Pascal, C, C++, HTML, Java Script
IBM Mainframe, SGI, Sun, PC cluster
Languages English, Russian
Publications: 60.
List of Selected Publications:
  1. Znamenskiy V.S., Kobrak M.N. Simulation of the polarization response of room-temperature ioic liquids. 225th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 23-27, 2003
  2. Akos Vertes, Vasiliy Znamenskiy and Ioan Marginean. Solvated Ion Evaporation from Charged Water Nanodroplet. In press.
  3. Akos Vertes, Vasiliy Znamenskiy. Molecular Dynamics of Ion Formation from Charged Nanodroplets in Electrospray Ionization. 50th ASMS Conference, June 2-6, 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA
  4. E.A.Goncharenko, T.A.Grechukha, P.F.Zil'berman, and V.S.Znamenskii. Molecular Dynamics study of Ionic Melts Resulting from Contact Melting. Inorganic Materials Vol.36. No. 10, 2000, p.1056
  5. Znamenski V.S., Zilberman P.F., Pavlenko I.N., The Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Contact Melting: Four-Component Ionic Systems // Computer Modelling of Electronic and Atomic Processes in Solids , Ed. R.Tennyson, A.E.Kiv; NATO ASI Series, 3. High Technology - Vol. 22, Kluwer Publishers, Amsterdam, 1997. P.143-148.
  6. Znamenski V.S., Zilberman P.F., Pavlenko I.N.The Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Interactions in Shock-Compressed Systems // Computer Modelling of Electronic and Atomic Processes in Solids , Ed. R.Tennyson, A.E.Kiv; NATO ASI Series, 3. High Technology - Vol. 22, Kluwer Publishers, Amsterdam, 1997. P. 149-157.
  7. Znamenskii V.S., Zil'berman P.F., Savintsev P.A., and Goncharenko E.A. Molecular Dynamics Study of Contact Meltingin the KCl-KI System // Inorganic Materials. 1996. V.32. N. 5. P.536-540. Translated from Neorgan. Materialy. 1996. V. 32. N. 5. P.601-606.
  8. Znamenskii V.S., Savintsev P.A., Zil'berman P.F., and Savintsev A.P. Parameters of Contact Melting in Ionic Systems: Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Poling and Fumi-Tosi Potentials //Inorganic Materials. 1994. V.30. N.4, -P.483-485. Translated from Izv.AN Rossii, Neorganicheskie Materialy, 1994, V.30. N.4, - P.514-516.
  9. Znamensky V.S. et al. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Ionic Crystals Contact Melting. Proceedings of the 6-th Joint EPS- APS International conference on physics computing. Lugano, Switzerland.22-26 August 1994. P.645-647
Awards and Activities
  1. 1995-1996: Research Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  2. May, 1996: Grant of Scientific Affairs Division NATO
  3. August, 1994: Grant of the International Science Foundation
  4. September, 1995: Scholarship of the European Physical Society
  5. September, 1999: The coach of the university's team in the Quarter-Final of Northeastern European Regional Collegiate Programming Contest
  6. Russian Society of Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology.
  1. Prof. Mark N. Kobrak
    Department of Chemistry, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. 2900 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210.
    Phone: (718) 951-5758 . Fax: (718) 951-4607. E-mail: mkobrak@brooklyn.cuny.edu
  2. Prof. Akos Vertes
    Department of Chemistry. George Washington University. Washington, D.C. 20052.
    Phone: (202) 994-2717. Fax: (202) 994-5873. E-mail: vertes@gwu.edu
  3. Prof. Vladislav Y. Sadtchenko
    Department of Chemistry, George Washington University. Washington, D.C. 20052.
    Phone: (202) 994 6155. Fax: (202) 994 5873. E-mail: vlad@gwu.edu