The greatest invention of humanity

Use WolframAlpha for computation and graphing, and checking answers to homework problem. For example, if you aren't sure you integrated correctly, enter the function in Wolfram Alpha to get the solution.

If you have trouble with topics watch Khan Academy videos.

Review of Functions

Calculus for Everyone
This is free Calculus book I wrote as part of CUNY's Open Educational Resources.

Practice Sample Finals in Math 1201 and 1206 from previous years

Calculus I Topics

  1. What is a limit?
  2. Continuous functions
  3. Techniques for finding limits
  4. What is a derivative
  5. Derivatives rules and formulas
  6. More derivatives formulas
  7. Implicit differentiation
  8. L'Hopital's rule
  9. Related rates
  10. Maxima and minima of functions
  11. Optimization problems
  12. What is integration?
  13. Integration rules and formulas

A collection of problems from past finals grouped into categories.

Calculus II Topics

  1. Review of derivatives

  2. Integration: Method of substitution Solutions

  3. Integration by Parts Solutions

  4. Integration: Powers of trigonometric functions Solutions

  5. Integration: Method of trigonometric substitution Solutions

  6. Integration: Method of partial fractions Solutions

  7. Areas and Volumes Solutions

    Asynchronous Sources of Learning: Areas Volumes

  8. Improper Integrals

    Asynchronous Sources of Learning: Introduction to Improper Integrals Divergent Improper Integral

  9. L'Hopital's Rule

    Asynchronous Sources of Learning: Introduction to L'Hopital's Rule Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

  10. Sequences (no homework)

    Asynchronous Sources of Learning: Introduction to Sequences

  11. Series - I Solutions

    Asynchronous Sources of Learning: Integral Test , Example, n'th term test for divergence, p-series test, Example, Geometric Series, Finite Geometric Series test, Finite Example, Infinite Geometric Series Test, Infinite example 1, Infinite example 2, Alternating Series Test,
    45 minute summary video of all the tests in this section

  12. Series - II Solutions

    Asynchronous Sources of Learning: Direct Comparison Test , Example, Limit Comparison Test, Example, Ratio Test, Conditional and Absolute Convergence, Root Test

  13. Power Series

    Pre-recorded playlist on Power Series

  14. Taylor Polynomials

    Pre-recorded playlist on Taylor Polynomials

  15. Polar Coordinates

    Pre-recorded playlist on Polar Coordinates

    Final Exam: Professor Jeff Suzuki is writing, programing, and running the group final on an online math system. If you did not get an email from Prof. Suzuki about the finals please email him rightaway. Please send your email to both his emails: and Be sure to get set up early and do the practice exam. Please direct all questions on the final exam to Prof. Suzuki.

Since the transition to distance education on March 11, 2020 we have been meeting during regular class times via Zoom meetings. Zoom meeting notes are below:


P.S. When this semester began I had no idea that in April I would be feeling very much like Professor Doyle in the above cartoon!