Reza Chamanara    

                       Assistant Professor

                       Department of Mathematics

                       Brooklyn College/ CUNY




Welcome to my page. I am an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department of Brooklyn College. My main research interests are in
  • Combinatorial Geometry
  • Hyperbolic Geometry and Kleinian Groups
  • Riemann Surfaces and Teichmüller Spaces
  • Disk Patterns and Circle Packings
  • Real and Complex Dynamical Systems

I received my doctoral degree under the supervision of Professors Linda Keen and Frederick Gardiner at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in May 2002. In  August 2002,I started my position as a Zorn Postdoctoral fellow at Mathematics Department of Indiana University. After my last semester at Indiana University in Fall semester 2006, I spent the spring semester of 2006 at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. Prior to my position at Brooklyn College, during the academic year 2006-07, I was a visitor at Institute for Mathematical Sciences  of Stony Brook University