For Immediate Release to the Press
June 27, 2003

Contact Information:
Philip F. Napoli
Department of History
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Vietnam War Study to Begin This Summer

How did the Vietnam War affect Brooklyn?

It is a simple question that Assistant Professor of History Philip Napoli will begin asking borough residents this summer in an oral history project that will investigate the changes the war forced on the social, economic, and political structures of Brooklyn.

"The bulk of the literature on the Vietnam War abstracts the local context of the war, converting any telling of local histories into part of a larger narrative about the rise and decline of American industry, liberalism, the anti-war movement, or similar broad issues," Napoli said. "Our study aims to complement these national narratives by looking closely at the effects of the war on a city of 2 million people."

Professor Napoli is interested in hearing the stories of Brooklynites who were affected by the war. This includes veterans, naturally, but also the family members of those who fought, as well as people whose jobs, education or views were changed by the events of the time.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the study should contact Professor Napoli by calling 718-951- 5303 or by e-mail: