I am searching for Vietnam Veterans their family members
willing to take part in the Brooklyn College Vietnam Project.

This oral history project aims to supplement the "official" record of events with the memories of the little guy, the person who did not necessarily make the big decisions, but was affected by them anyway, and saw the influence of the War on New York City.

After an initial unrecorded "pre-interview," and before the recorded interview itself, we will ask you to read and sign an informed consent statement that outlines your rights in this project.

Interviews can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours or more depending, of course, on your convenience, and can be conducted in almost any quiet location, including here on the Brooklyn College campus.

The interviews are conducted in a open-ended question and answer format, and are recorded either on audiotape, videotape, or both.

After the interview I will ask you to sign a deed of gift agreement, in which you give the copyrights in the interview itself to me. This gives me the right to archive and keep the interview, and use it in a variety of formats. This may include use in print publications, and or audio and video productions.

Your interview will be kept on permanent deposit in an historical archive, for future generations of scholars and students to use and learn from.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Philip F. Napoli, Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College.

email: pnapoli@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Philip Napoli
Assistant Professor
US Social and Public History
521 Whitehead Hall
Brooklyn College
City University of New York
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Brooklyn, NY 11210
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