Philip F. Napoli

20th Century US Social and Public History

521 Whitehead Hall
Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
Department of History
Brooklyn, New York 11210

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I'm on leave.
But I will be back in Fall 2005!

Vietnam Oral History Project

I am preparing an oral history of New York's Vietnam Veterans.

If you would like to participate, please contact me.

Courses Taught:

  • Core 4
  • History 14: US History since 1865
  • History 43.4: US Social History from Reconstruction
  • History 43.9 Special topics: Vietnam and the American Experience of War
  • History 43.16: US Immigration and Ethnicity
  • History 43.17: The Public and the Past
  • History 43.18: American Popular Culture
  • Histotry 69.2: Oral History in the Brooklyn Communities
  • History 760:
    Doing Brooklyn History
    Vietnam and the American Experience of War

Archival Studies:

I am the coordinator of the Archival Studies and Community Documentation minor.

If you are interested in the program, please contact me.

Vietnam Memorial Wall
April 30, 2005
Photograph by Luigi Masu


Last Updated: May 26, 2005