Blackboard is the on-line learning and course support tool of the Brooklyn College community.

Professors can:

  • Post syllabi, reading lists and assignments on-line.
  • Store electronic documents and other reading materials for student's use.
  • Set up a course calendar.

Students can:

  • Submit assignments via the internet.
  • Easily communicate with Professors, Teaching Assistants and fellow students via e-mail and real time chat.
  • View their grades.


SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT If you are a Brooklyn College student, faculty or staff member, a Blackboard account has been reserved for you! Before using it, you must first set the account up, specifying your account preferences. As of the Spring 2005 semester, Blackboard is accessed through the CUNY portal; account usernames and passwords from previous semesters will not work.

To set up your account:
1. From any internet computer visit the CUNY portal at

2. Click on the link

3. For your one-time account setup, click on Register Now!

4. You will be given several options. If you are a student, click on Student

5. On the User validation screen, enter your last name (case not important) your 9 digit Social Security number and your birthday. Click the Next button.


6. On the following screen confirm that the information you have entered is correct. Click Confirm if it is. If you made a mistake click Cancel and re-enter your information.


7. Now you must select a user name. The sign on process will choose one for you (usually your first initial and last name) but you may change this if you wish. After the user name, select a password (your choice, though it must be at least six characters, all numbers and letters, no spaces or punctuation) and enter it twice. Enter your e-mail address as well. This will be made available to your Professor and fellow students. After checking your information for correctness, click on the Save button.

8. You have completed the account set-up. Be sure to write down your username and password. Please see the next page for logging-in instructions!

Once you have set-up your account, you may now log into Blackboard from any internet computer!

To Log-on to Blackboard:
1. From any internet computer visit the CUNY portal at

2. Choose Log-in

3. Enter your username
and password and click

4. From My Page click on the Blackboard link

5. You will see a list of all CUNY schools (you may visit any one by clicking on Guest). To go to your personal Blackboard page, click on Student on the Brooklyn College line.

6. You will be brought to your own Brooklyn College Blackboard page!

Having problems with the Blackboard site or portal?!?
Call the staff of ITS for help!! (718) 677-6180
Or click on Portal Help on the opening screen
Is the CUNY portal down? Sluggish? Non-responsive? Try the
Blackboard back door at