The lab has been a research home for hundreds of people over the years. We work cooperatively to design and carry out experiments, and the results have led to science or health care careers for many diverse people. Those with research careers are listed below. So far, the lab has sponsored 11 PhDs, with 2 more expected in 2013. Eleven others who passed through the lab as research undergrads or MA students have earned PhDs or are in currently in PhD programs. We have also given research experience to many, many MDs, two lawyers and a law student.

Eduardo DeLeon, MD, 1990: oncologist
Bridgit Holder, MD; 1995-6: dermatologist
Rafael Ovalle, PhD; 1997-2006: was Asst. Prof, Brooklyn College
Pearl Kipnis, PhD 2003-6-perpetual student
Janis Lee, PhD 2007-8
Caleen Ramsook, PhD: currently in lab
Melissa Garcia, PhD: currently in lab
Xianfa Xie, PhD: Asst. Prof. Virginia State U.
Desmond Jackson, PhD: currently in lab

Ph.D. Students who completed their degrees in Lipke lab:
Kevin Terrance, 1982
Donald Wojciechowicz, 1990--Scientist, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals
ChaFen Lu, 1994–Scientist, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Harvard Med School
Min-Hao Chen, 1995–Scientist, Abbott Laboratories
Hui Zhao, 2000–Scientist, Novartis
Chong K. Jue, 2001–Assoc. Prof., Queensboro CC
Pearl Kipnis, 2002
Jason Rauceo, PhD. 2006-Asst. Prof., John Jay College, CUNY
Henry Otoo, PhD 2007-Post-Doc U. Florida
Juan Coronado, PhD 2008-HS teacher
Marlyn Gonzalez: PhD 2009-Post-Doc, NYU

Current PhD students:
Cho Tan, PhD expected 2013
Michael Bois, PhD expected 2013
Lin Yang

Current MA students: Rachele Dolce, Victor Gresseau, Ivor Joseph

PhD's who carried out undergrad, post-bacc, or MA research in Lipke lab
Arabella Grigorescu, m, PhD 2004 U. Pittsburgh, Research Facility Director
Zheng-Ming Shen, pb, PhD 2004 CUNY
Chong Jue, m, PhD 2002 CUNY, Assoc. Prof. Queensboro CC, CUNY
Seung Lim, m, PhD 2001 Stony Brook, Asst. Prof. Georgetown School Med.
Jason Rauceo, u, m, PhD 2006 CUNY, Asst. Prof., John Jay College, CUNY
Marlyn Gonzalez, u PhD 2009 CUNY-post-doc
Tracy Robinson, u PhD 2011 Stony Brook
Thera Alexis, u PhD Columbia U. 2013
Jayson Bastien, u PhD Columbia, 2012-post-doc
Naira Rezende, u PhD Cornell-Weill, 2012-post-doc
Robin Walker, m (PhD program at U. Conn., entered 2006)
Alex Pyronneau, u (MD/PhD program AECOM, entered 2008), Salk Award Scholar
Adanna Alexander, u (PhD program, CUNY entered 2009)
Sean Singh, u, m (PhD Program CUNY entered 2012)

Undergraduates in the lab 2011-2013
Tresha Dorce

Nataliya Lysak

Hazel Richards
Urmee Saha

Sasha Filenko

Alandra Mitchell
Alyssa Samlalsingh

Marie Jean-Pierre