Advice from Former Students

Do not fall behind.  ALWAYS ask for help.

Read the book like there is no tomorrow and do ALL the problems assigned.  Also, if you do not understand something, get help. There is nothing wrong with that.

Don't fall behind.  Keep up with the chapters and try to read them before the class covering it.

Do problems every day and always ask for help.

Follow everything in class and go to every review session.  It really helps.  Don't believe anyone that says it's too difficult.  If you relax, read the book and do the homework problems and go to the review sessions prepared, it'll be sooo easy!

I would advise students to join a study group at the start of the semester.  Study even if there are no exams yet and definitely read and try to understand material ahead of the lecture.  It's better to be ahead than be behind.

Take advantage of extra resources provided to help you suceed.

Study until you can't stand Organic.  Study in a group and then one on one with a friend.  Clear your schedule.  Attend extra lessons, ask questions, talk to your peers.   Many brains are better than one.  Don't give up.

Use ALL of the resources made available to you by the professor because there will always be something you might have missed during class that could be included in the exams.  Also, if you're stuck on a certain problem or concept, find help immediately.  Don't get left behind.

Do as many practice problems as possible and read each chapter before going to lecture.

Students have to come to class all the time and take good notes.  Furthermore they should solve more problems and ask for help if they get stuck.  Most important they have to be on time for lectures.  They should try to do group studies.

Study early and often and do not get complacent because you do well on a test.  New material rushes at you quickly and you must study it everyday in order to adequately grasp the concepts.  Also take advantage of all tutoring options available because nobody is above needing help.

Do not take this class with a full time job and other priorities.  You won't be able to do as well as you'd like.  That's where I went wrong.  Also practice problems.  No matter how simple a topic may seem when explained by Prof. Horowitz, you need to go and practice those same mechanisms, reactions, etc.

Work in groups and discuss and teach each other the material.  Never be afraid to ask professors or peers questions.