Journal of Italian Translation

Editor: Luigi Bonaffini

Associate Editors: Gaetano Cipolla, Michael Palma, Joseph Perricone

Assistant Editor: Paul D'Agostino

Publisher: Legas, New York

Journal of Italian Translation is a non-profit international journal devoted to the translation

of literary works from and into Italian-English-Italian dialects. All translations are published with the original text. It also publishes essays and reviews dealing with Italian translation. JIT is published twice a year.

Submissions should be both printed and in electronic form and they will not be returned. Translations must be accompanied by the original texts, a brief profile of the translator, a brief profile of the author, and a brief comment on the translation itself. All submissions and inquiries should be addressed to Journal of Italian Translation, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, 2900 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210 or to Luigi Bonaffini at

Books and book reviews should be sent to Joseph Perricone, Dept. of Modern Language and Literature, Fordham University, Columbus Ave & 60th Street, New York, NY 10023 (

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