Guidelines for Contributors


Please submit your contribution as an email attachment (Microsoft Word for PC or RTF) to both and

Do as little formatting as possible. Do not insert any additional spacing between paragraphs. Do not use different fonts or different sizes.

Never use underlining. Always use italics.

Please use the language in which you write most idiomatically and effectively.

Follow the MLA Style Manual if you write in English


Authors of essays, translators, and reviewers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the journal, which depends on the support of scholars and readers to continue its publication.



      Reviewers should keep in mind that this is a journal devoted to the process of translation and their review should focus on that process.

      Reviews should not exceed 1,000 words. Avoid all footnotes and/or endnotes. Provide all necessary bibliographical references within the body of the review.

      Below is an example of the review heading:


Bartolo Cattafi, Winter Fragments: Selected Poems 1945-1979, edited

and translated by Rina Ferrarelli. Chelsea Editions, 2005, Pp 205.


Reviews should be sent by e-mail as an attachment to Joseph Perricone,


Guidelines for Proofreading

1. When you receive the proofs of your contributions, please re-read your essay or review carefully for meaning, clarity, spelling, and printing errors.

2. Double-check all quotations, page references, and bibliographical entries.

3. Check consistency of such typographical signs as " " and ‘ ’.

4. Check consistency of bibliographical entries.

5. Only minor changes are allowed. Mark them clearly along the margins.


Mark all corrections and changes in the margins as clearly as you can.


Return corrected proofs possibly within 48 hours. You can either return them by mail to Journal of Italian Translation, Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures, Brooklyn College, 2900 bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11210, or you can simply send your corrections by email to both and