Brett F. Branco, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Geology
Associate Director of Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center

*Student Opportunities*

Metal uptake and transport by macroalgae in Jamaica Bay

Flow disturbance by restored oyster reefs and impacts

Brooklyn College  
Department of Geology  
2900 Bedford Avenue  
Brooklyn, NY 11209   
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Student Researchers
Marine Science and Limnology
at Brooklyn College (CUNY)

Krystal Dabreos - Undergraduate (Geology)
Erosion at Plumb Beach, Brooklyn

Krystal is examining the relationship between winds, tides and changes in the beach profile at Plumb Beach, Brooklyn.

Christopher Clay - Undergraduate (Env. Studies)
Water Budget for Prospect Park Lake

Chris is determining a water budget for Propsect Park Lake as a first step towards constructing a phosphorus budget.

Cynthia Xue and Carmen Mui - High School (Midwood)
Seasonal changes in algae abundance and species composition in Prospect Park Lake

Carmen and Cynthia are documenting the algae succession in Prospect Park Lake in relation to the changing ratio of Total Nitrogen to Total Phosphorus.

Krystal Dabreo