John Beatty
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B.A. 1964 Brooklyn College
M.A. 1965 University of Oklahoma
Ph.D. 1972 City University of New York

Teaching Experience

University of Oklahoma 1964-1965; Teaching Assistant
Long Island University 1966-1967; Instructor
Brooklyn College 1966-2001; Professor
Brooklyn College 2001-present; Prof emeritus (anthropology)
Brooklyn College 2001-present; Adjunct Prof (film)

Invited Professorship

Universitaet des Saarlands, 1986 Saarbruecken, Germany
Ohu University 1991 Koriyama, Japan
American Museum of Natural History 1998-2004



Kiowa-Apache Music and Dance
Occasional Papers in Anthropology and Ethnology Series #31,
Museum of Anthropology
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

Mohawk Morphology
Occasional Publications in Anthropology,
Linguistic Series #2.
Museum of Anthropology
, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

New York no Domannaka: New York for Japanese - An Ethnographic Approach
(with Junichi Takahashi)
Gloview Press

A Guide to the Taiji Whale Museum and Taiji Town (a small guide book) Taiji Whale Museum 1987

A Japanese Person's Guide to English (with J. Takahashi) (a revised version of New York no Domannaka) Alc Publishers, Tokyo

Intercultural Communication
with Junichi Takahashi
Atomic Dog Publisher

A Guide to the Taiji Whale Museum and Taiji Town
(revised version of the guide book)
Taiji Whale Museum

Anthropology of Dining
(contract, Berg Publishers,


"Taking Issue with Lorenz on the Ute" in M.F. Ashley Montagu's Man and Aggression Oxford University Press N.Y. p. 111-115 1968

"Chinese New Year and the Lion Dance" Papers in Anthropology, Vol. 15 #2 University of Oklahoma Press p.102-107 1974

"Call Discrimination in Chimpanzees" (with Charles Austin McDevitt) Current Anthropology Vol. 16 #4 Dec. 1975

"Oh Would Some Power the Giftie Gie Us, To See Ourselves as Others See Us" in Leonore Loeb Adler (ed.) Issues in Cross Cultural Research New York Academy of Sciences Annals, Vol.285, p731-736 1977

"Cultural Factors Affecting Choices of Orthography" Anthropology, Vol. 1 #2 p.172-5 1977

"An Analysis of Some Verbs of Motion in English" Studia Anglica Posnaniensa, Vol. 9 1977

"Sex, Role and Sex Role" in Language, Sex and Gender, Judith Orasanu, Mariam Slater, and Leonore Loeb Adler (eds.) New York Academy of Sciences Vol. 327 1978

"Systemic Aesthetics: The Kiowa-Apache Manatidie" Dance Research Journal. Congress on Research in Dance Vol. 11/12 1978

"Who Are We, Who Are They and What is Going on Here?" (with Junichi Takahashi) in Issues in Cross Cultural Research, Leonore Loeb Adler (ed.), Academic Press N.Y., 1982

"Eleanor Rigby: Structure in the Arts" Centerpoint, New York, 1982

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"The Science of Diletanting" in American Scholars Question the Whaling Ban Japan Whaling Association 1987

"Changes in social behavior of Macaca fuscata yakui in relation to unfamiliar objects" by Tobach, Ethel; Murofushi, Kiyoko;Beatty, John;
Takahashi, Junichi Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, Vol 25(2), Mar 1987, 106-108.

"Defending a Way of Life" in Look Japan Vol. 33 #374 May 1987

"Who Is an Aborigine?" (mimeograph) All Japan Seaman's Union 1987

"Problems in the Exhibition in Anthropological Museums" in Museion,(Japanese version) Rikkyo University, Tokyo 1988

"Kujira! The Image of the Whale in Japanese Culture" (booklet) Japan Whaling Association

"Sound Symbolism and Japanese Monsters" 1993 Journal of Linguistic Anthropology

"Initiation Rites" 1993 Outward Press, NY

"Cultural Perceptions of Life and Death" in The Spirit and the Scalpel Bergin and Garvey Press

Translation (from German) 1993 of Klaus Barthelmas' "Con and Pro in Whaling Issues"

"Language and Communication" 1994 (Chapter 4) in Cross Cultural Topics in Psychology Leonore Loeb Adler and Uwe P. Gielen (ed)

Several photos were published in Gregersen, Edgar 1994 The World of Human Sexuality Irvington Publishers, New York

Revision of "Language and Communication" for Adler, Leonore Loeb and Gielen, Uwe P. (1997) Cross Cultural Topics in Psychology Praeger, Westport, CT

Satanic CrimeHigh Plains Anthropologist Vol. 18, No.1, Spring 1998.

Coach: The Transformation of a Professor” NEAA Newsletter (Winter issue 1997)

“Baubles, Blubber and Beads” in Seventh International Whaling Symposium: Workshop on Community Based Whaling Vol II Institute of Cetacean Research p.39-45 1997

“Naishan Dene Creativity with Monsters” Plains Anthropolgist Vol. 44, No. 167, pp. 73-75.

“Urbanization, Industrialization, Modernization, and Westernization” in Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures Grollier, Danbury, CT.

“Violence and American Indians: Culture Then and Now” 2004 in International Perspectives on Violence Leonore L. Adler and Florence Denmark (eds.) Praeger, Westport CT

“Tehenrasahkwa: Story Variations and Personal Histories” in Festschrift for Peter Erdmann Peter Lang, Gemany

Discovering the Historic Macbeth versus Shakespeare’s Macbeth” 2005 High Plains Applied Anthropologist

"Aprons and their Symbolic Ambiguity" (pdf) Aprons and their Symbolic Ambiguity" (htm) 2006 in High Plains Applied Anthropologist Vol 26 #1 Spring 2006

Rytuał, wzajemność I organizacja społeczna na przykładie Kiowa Apaczów “ (Polish version) or Ritual, Reciprocity and Social Organization” 2009 (English version) in Indianie Kalinago i inni... Referaty Seminariów Antropologicznych 2001-2008 (Kalinago, and other Indians... Papers from Anthropological Seminars 2001-2008) Andrzej J.R. Wala i Krystyna Baliszewska,PAES Publications in Ethnology

Etnoastronomia Indian amerykańskich - John J. Beatty (Ethnoastronomy of American Indians) in 2009 (English version) in Indianie Kalinago i inni... Referaty Seminariów Antropologicznych 2001-2008 (Kalinago, and other Indians... Papers from Anthropological Seminars 2001-2008) Andrzej J.R. Wala i Krystyna Baliszewska,PAES Publications in Ethnology

"Iroquois Political Systems: ("Systemy Polityczne Irokezów") 2017 in Indianie Lenni Lenape i inni... pp. 107-125 Polish-American Ethnological Society Atlantic City, NJ

"Native American Films" (Filmy Tubylczych Amerykanów) 2017 in Indianie Lenni Lenape i inni... pp. 257-283 Polish-American Ethnological Society Atlantic City, NJ Tawacin Poland

"Masonic Aprons and their Symbolic Meaning" in The Journal of the Masonic Society Issue 41 Summer 2018 pp 14-17

Films and Recordings

"Music of the Plains Apache" Folkways Records Films
"The Festival of Chariots in New York" (super 8mm sound) for the Society for Krishna Consciousness 1976
"The Gaelic School at Ostaig, Skye" (super 8mm sound) 1977
"Iroquois Social Dances" (Parts I and II) with Nick Manning (16mm. sound) 1979
"Lion Dances at Chinese New Year" (super 8mm sound) 1979
"Japanese Graveyard Rituals in Chiba, Japan" (super 8mm sound) 1979
"Bon Odori in New York" (super 8mm sound) 1979


"The American Indian Art Center" 1978
"American Indians at Brooklyn College" 1978
"Scottish Highland Dances" 1979
"Custer Revisited" 1980
"Taiji Whale Museum and Taiji Town" 1987
"Whaling Museums of Eastern N. America"
"Hojoo Jutsu - The Ancient Art of Restraint"
Veterans' Oral History Project. Videotaped veterans recounting their experiences in the Navy for the Smithsonian Institute.

Filmed and edited Lectures for Explorers Club NY fortheir archives

2007-2008 series (filmed and edited with Jonathan Bailey)

"In Search of Extr-Solar Planets" Ben Oppenheimer (American Museum of Natural History) 1/28/08
"Between Heresy and Orthodoxy" Elzbieta Lisowski (Institute of Religious Studies at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland) 2/04/08
"Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece" by Joan Breton Connelly (NYU) 2/19/08
"Missions STS-120 The Story of the International Space Station" Scott Parazynski (NASA Astronaut) 2/21/08
"Spaceward Bound: Atacama and Mohavy Deserts: Infra Red Photography" Jim Thompson 2/25/08
"Exploring Neptune's Basement: "Mission Extreme Deep: Exploring the Ends of the Earth-Neptune's Basement" Dave Gallo 3/3/08
"Panama Fever: The Epic History of One of the Greatest Engineering Triumphs of All Time: The Building of the Panama Canal" Matthew Parker 3/24/08
"My Yellow Submarine, from Dream to Reality: A Love Story in Depth" Alan Winick 3/31/08
"Reed Boat Expedition ABORA III" Dominique Görlitz 4/7/08
"Mapping Every Star in the Milky Way" Michael Shara 4/14/08
"Mystery of the Disappearing Cactus and Other Recent Ecological Changes in the Galapagos" Julianne Chase, Ph.D.4/21/08
"In Search of the Taino - Lost Civilization of the Caribbean" Rodney Hilton Brown 4/28/08
“New Findings: The Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeology Project” William Kelso, Ph.D. 5/508
"The World Sky Race: Going the Distance by Lighter-than-Air Skyships" by Don R. Hartsell 5/12/08
"Falcon Fever: A modern falconer’s search for the heart and soul of an ancient sport" Tim Gallagher 5/19/2008
"In Search of the Elusive Snow Leopard" Steve Winter 6/2/08
"Chasing Ebola on the African Continent" Scott Harper 6/9/08
"Central Park, an American Masterpiece" Sara Cedar Miller 6/16/08
"The Changing Face of Exploration in Relation to Scientific Endeavour in the 21st Century" Alain Hubert 6/23/08
"The Universe in a Mirror: The Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries Who Built It" Robert Zimmerman 6/30/08
“Hovsgol Nuur: Diving in the Land of Chinggis Khan” – Explorers Club Flag Expedition” Steven Schwankert 9/15/08
"Exploring Desert Lop Nor" Christoph Baumer 9/18/08
“The Boy who crossed the Bering Straits during the Cold War” Dennis Schmitt 9/29/08

2008-2009 Series

“Sir Hubert Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans Arctic Submarine Expedition of 1931" Dr. Stewart Nelson 10/6/08
“Life on the Ledge: The Uncertain Future of the Harbor Seal”. by Susan D. Shaw, Dr. P.H. , Director, Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) 10/20/08
"The Underground Rivers and Cenotes of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula" Sam Meacham 10/2708
"Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication" By Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Ph.D and Toni Frohoff, Ph.D 11/10/08
"Wings Worldquest" Milbry Polk 11/17/08
"Unholy Business" Nina Burleigh 11/24/08
“New Ways to Explore the Sea” Dr. Edie Widder 12/1/08
"No Water No Life" Alison Jones 12/8/08
"Cave Arts of the Karawari" Nancy Sullivan 12/15/08
"Secret of the Great Pyramid" Bob Brier 1/26/09

Photographed with Zak Cron and Edited with Jeff Caulo

“Poison and Power” 2/23/09
“Alpine Americas” 3/2/09
“Painted Doors of Africa” 3/09/09
“Lost City of Z” 3/16/09
“To the Ends of the Earth – Recreating Peary’s and Henson’s Journey to the North Pole” 3/30/09
“Extreme Ice Survey” 4/6/09
“Greenland Polar Inuit” 4/13/09
“Postcards from Kathmandu” 4/27/09
“Around the World with a Digital Camera” 5/4/09

Photographed with Tom Doran; Editing by John Beatty

“Swimming Across the North Pole” 5/11/09
“Shoot to Thrill” 6/1/09
“Die Trying” 6/08/09
“Site Planning at 1376 Feet” 6/22/09

Web Sites

Web Sites for courses can be found on the first page of the general web site here

American Indian Institute of the City University of New York Web Site

Pine Bluff Film Festival Saltire Society Web Site

Scotia News Web Site (

Traveling Museum of the Anthropology Department

Anthropology Archaeology web site

Ethno-Archaeoastronomy Anthropology department and Hayden Planetarium web site

Film Courses (Film Department) web site
Film Genres: Comedy
Film Global Cinema: Horror
Language of Film 1
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Director's Cinema: The Films of Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur
The History of the Movie Industry
History of Film to 1941
Director's Cinema: The Films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
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Mini Course Web sites:

Peter Pan
Prehistoric People
American Indian Film Makers

German Courses (Modern Language dept.) web site

Society and the Ocean (Earth and Environmental Science department) web site


Major Lectures (I was the only speaker)

"Warfare and Aggression" Rutgers University ROTC Program 1964
"Mohawk Morphology" City University of New York Graduate Center 1972
"On Defining Language and Culture" New York Academy of Sciences 1974
"Deviance: A Functional Definition" University of Glasgow 1975
"Mohawk Pronominals" Scottish Philological Society, Edinburgh, Scotland 1977
"Culture, Sub-Culture and Ethnic Groups" School for Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland 1977
"Sex, Role, and Sex Role" St. Joseph's University Philadelphia, 1978
"Sex and Gender" Brooklyn Hospital 1978
"American Indians" WNYC radio program "Spotlight on New York" 1975
"Chimpanzees and Language" WNYC radio program "Spotlight on New York" 1976
"Scots and Other Gaels" Gaelic Society of Long Island 1979
"The Scottish National Party" Celtic Club Fordham University 1978
"What is Language?" Linguistic Society of the United Nations 1979
"Where is the Center of New York?" Tokyo, Japan 1985
"Masks and Puppets - Cross Cultural Studies in Roles" 1986
"Religion and the Environmentalist Movement" All Japan Seamen's Union, Tokyo, Japan 1986
"The Western Concept of Animals and the Number "1" Taiji Whale Museum, Taiji Japan 1986
"The Role of Racism in the IWC Meetings of 1987" Taiji Whale Museum Taiji, Japan August 1987
"Anthropology and Terrorism" 1988 Valley Forge Military Academy
"Kujira! The Image of the Whale in Japanese Culture" New England Aquarium, Boston Mass. April 29, 1988
"The Role of Culture in the Study of Terrorism" 1989 Valley Forge Military Academy
"The Anthropology of the Fantastic" Parson Institute
"Anthropology of Amusement Parks" Queens College
"Terrorism and Culture" 1990 Valley Forge Military Academy
"Anthropology of Warfare" 1991 Valley Forge Military Academy
"Anthropology of Crime" 1991 Valley Forge Military Academy
"Fingerprinting" 1992 Valley Forge Military Academy
"Vampires and Zombies: Reality and Myth" 1992 Queens College
"Cultural Defense" 1992 City University of New York
"Halloween" 1993 Brooklyn College
"The Grail and the Lance: Symbols of Regeneration?" "Brooklyn College Anthropology Club
"Anthropology and Monsters" Friends of the Saenger, Saenger Theater, Pine Bluff Arkansas
"Monsters and `the Other'" Brooklyn College Anthropology Club
"Fantasy and the Fantastic in Film" 2nd Annual Film Festival; Saenger Theater, Pine Bluff Arkansas
Second Annual Film Festival (October, 1995 Pine Bluff, Ark.) "Anthropology and the Circus"
“Film and History” Pine Bluff Film Festival Oct. 4, 1997
“American Indian Ethnoastronomy” Gateway National Park Oct. 15, 1997
"Cultural Problems in Teaching English as a Second language" New York City Technical College (2001)
"Masks, Puppets and Persona" London Puppet Center (Nov. 2002)
“Variation in Folktales” School for Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh (2004)
"Puppets, Mask and Costumes: Where Does One Stop and the Next Begin" Puppetry Guild of New York Nov. 2010
“Language – specific and universal” Long Island University “Mother Language Day” (Jan 26, 2014)

Papers Presented at Symposia

"Some Factors Affecting Orthographic Selection" American Anthropological Association Meetings, 1973
"The Media Indian IS the American Indian" (with Anthony Brown) American Anthropological Association Meetings 1974
"Current American Indian Problems in New York" Long Island University 1974
"Chimpanzee Call Discrimination" American Anthropological Society Annual Meetings 1975
"In-Group and Out-Group Perception in Cross Cultural Problems" New York Academy of Sciences 1976
"Generative-Transformational Rules in the Highland Fling" Culture and Communication Conference Temple University 1977
"Historical Reconstruction in Mohawk" Poznan Poland 1978
“Culture Concepts and the Delivery of Health Care" 1989
"The Concept of Culture" 1991 Sophia University, Tokyo Japan
"Police, Coroners and Morbid Humor" Japan
"Sound Symbolism and Japanese Monsters" at North East Anthropology Association Meetings (Danbury, CT) 1993
North Eastern Anthropological Association Meetings (March 1996)
(a) "Morbid Humor: Police and Coroners"
(b) "Creativity in Apache"
“Satanic Crime” American Anthropological Association Nov. 1997
“Ritual Reciprocity and Social Organization”Polish American Ethnological Society (Dec. 2 2006)
"American Indian Ethnoastronomy" Polish American Ethnological Society (2008)
"Iroquois Political Organization" Polish American Ethnological Society (2010)
“How to Read a Film: Art and he Wolfman” Brooklyn Life Long Learning (April 2016)
“A Scandal on the Southern Plains” Polish American Ethnological Society (April 2016)
Editor and Writer for The Scotia News an on–line paper which publishes 10 months a year

Lectures Given to Groups and Various College and Universities

"American Indians" Adelphai University 1969
"Social and Philosophical Problems in American Indian Movements" Queensborough Community College 1969
"General Linguistics" New School for Social Research 1973
"American Indian Women" New School for Social Research 1974
"Individual Variation in Tales" Brooklyn College 1974
"American Indians as Minority Groups" Brooklyn College 1975
"T.C. Schneirla and the Nature-Nurture Controversy" Brooklyn College 1976
"The Mind-Body Problem" New York University 1976
"Drug Use and American Indians" Brooklyn College 1976
"Japanese Male Homosexuality" State University of New York at New Paltz 1976
"American Indian Homosexuality" State University of New York at New Paltz 1976
"Structure in Art" Brooklyn College 1977
"Linguistic Markers Between Police and Civilians" Fordham University 1978
"Cops, Robbers, and Auxiliaries: Mediators in Madness" Brooklyn College 1978
"Standard and Not So Standard Deviations in Sexual Behavior" Brooklyn College 1977
"Anthropology of Sea Faring Peoples" State University of New York Maritime College 1981
"Japanese and American Maritime Rituals" State University of New York Maritime College 1981
"History, Morale and Museums" Suffolk County Police Department. Dedication of their Museum Jan. 25, 1985
"Intercultural Communication" 4 hours of lectures for the Dept. of Education at Brooklyn College" (Spring 1988)
"American Indian Religion" (2 hours of lectures for American Studies Program - Brooklyn College) spring 1988
"American Indians" American Indian Awareness Club April 1988

Lectures for Anthropology Club:

1. Caveman Chronicles - 4 lectures on prehistoric people in films
2. Myths of Halloween

Five lectures in the film department:

1. Political Correctness: Do the Right Thing
2. Reflexivity: Stage Struck
3. Reflexivity: Sherlock Jr. and Purple Rose of Cairo
4. Genres: The Band Wagon
5. Postmodernism and the New masculinity: Robocop

Lecture Series

"Indians of the Plains and Woodlands" (series of lectures for the Intern Program at the American Museum of Natural History 1974
"Indians of North America" A series of lectures given at Gateway National Park 1979
Series of lectures for Canarsie Historical Society

Lectures Given as Part of Programs

"Ethnographic Film" A set of lectures given at the Ethnographic Film Festival (co-directed with Stephen Wild).

Queen Mary II (Cunard Lines)
Guest lecturer (Nov. 16-26) Ethno and Archaeoastronomy

U.S. Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum
Ethnoastronomy (April 2005)
Archaeoastronomy (May 2005)
Japanese Whaling (Aug 5 2005)
Ghost Ships (Oct. 31, 2005)
Cryptanalysis (Nov 30, 2005)

Radio Interviews

3 Feb. 2005 “Year of Macbeth” proposal BBC Radio The World Tonight
3 Feb. 2005 “Year of Macbeth” proposal BBC Radio Matthew Bannister Program
8 Feb. 2005 “Year of Macbeth” proposal National Public Radio All Things Considered


Received or Pending

National Science Foundation Training Grant
American Museum of Natural History 1964
For research in animal behavior
National Science Foundation Training Grant
University of Oklahoma 1965
For research with the Kiowa-Apache
City University of New York Dissertation Year Fellowship 1971
For research on Mohawk language
National Science Foundation Dissertation Year Fellowship 1971
For research with Mohawk language
National Science Foundation Grant (U.S. - Japanese Co-Operative Program) 1973
Ffor research with Japanese macaques
Brooklyn College Faculty Award 1973
For research with Japanese macaques
Faculty Research Award Program, City University of New York 1974
For research on chimpanzee call systems
Faculty Research Award Program Emergency Grant, City University of New York 1975
For research on sexual behavior
Department of Health, Education and Welfare: Office of Native American Programs 1975
Work with urban American Indians in New York State National Endowment for the Arts 1977
For the purpose of filming Iroquois social dances Rikkyoo University Research Fellowship (1986-87)
For the purposes of doing research on solidarity
President's Grant to establish a traveling museum of anthropology ($1,500.)
Faculty Research Award Program (1998) “Transmission of Elegance” a study into the effect on food service people working with “elegant service” on the railroads on their home life and home communities.
Faculty Research Award Program (2000) “Abstract terms in Kiowa Apache” (grant award and lost because Glen Haas kept misplacing "the use of human subjects" forms until the dealine past.

Brooklyn College

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Anthropology Department

Introductory Courses
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Physical Anthropology

Ethnographic Courses
North American Indian (tradition)
Anthropology of Contemporary American Indian Problems
Seminar in Iroquoian Cultures
Peoples of the Pacific

Ethnological Courses
Acculturation and Culture Change
American Culture through American Film
American Indian Folklore
Anthropology of Deviance
Anthropology of Food
Anthropology of Law and Order
Anthropology of Sexual Behavior
Anthropology of the Fantastic: Circuses, Carnivals and Amusement Parks
Anthropology of the Performing Arts
Body Modification
Cult, Occult and Secret Societies
Dynamics of Intercultural Interaction (Intercultural Communication)
Field Methods in Ethnography
History of Anthropological Theory

Intercultural Communication (in Germany)
Law and Order
Psychological Anthropology

Independent Studies
Anthropology of Terrorism
Anthropology of the Sea
Body Modification
Cross Cultural Perspectives on Crime and Punishment
Cross Cultural Perspectives on Police
Japanese Law Enforcement
Loan Words in Chinese
Karl May and the "Indian" Image in the Winnetou books
Structure of Japanese

Linguistics Courses
Descriptive Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Language and Culture
Seminar in Morphology

Physical Anthropology
Human Evolution
Human Variation
Primate Behavior

Linguistics Program
Introduction to Language
Introduction to Linguistics
Seminar on English Loan Words in Cantonese Chinese

Modern Languages German1.2 Intensive German
German 3.2 Intensive German 2

Museum Program

Music Department (Graduate Center)

Mathematics Department
Introduction to Mathematics

Film Department
Film 1: Introduction to the language of film (Part 1)
Film 10: Introduction to the language of film (Part2)
Film 17: American Culture through Films (Fall 2003)
Film 26 Director's Cinema: Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur(Fall 2009)
Film 28: Japanese Cinema (Spring 2003)
Film 29: Film Genres: Biblical Films (Summer 2006)
Film 29: Film Genres: Monster Movies (Summer 2008)
Film 29: Film Genres: Biographical Films (Fall 2008)
Film 29: Film Genres: Sex in Cinema (Winter Intersession 2009)
Film 29: Film Genres: Supernatural on Film
Film 29: Film Genres Mystery and Crime Films
Film 29 Film Genres: Horror Films
Film 29 Film Genres: Crime and Punishment on Film
Film 46: Films of Disaster and Catastrophe (Fall 2004)
Film 88.1: The Devil on Film (Fall 2006)
Film 88.1: Film from the Comics (Winter Intersession 2007)
Film 2902: History of the Movie Industry (2011) Independent Studies: (Fall 2005) Documentary Film

Earth and Environmental Sciences Society and the Ocean (EESC 1050)
Meteorology (EESC 3900 - Undergraduate)
Meteorology (EESC 7000T - Graduate - for teachers)


Anthropology Department
American Indians in Documentary Film (with Nick Manning, Film Department)
American Indian Languages
American Indian Dance in its Social Context
Macbeth: An Interdisciplinary Approach (with faculty from English, Film, and Music)
Puppets, Masks and Symbolic Transformations
American Indian Voices: Speeches and Oratory
Famous American Indians
New York Through Ethnographic Film
Anthropology of the Sea
Prehistoric People in Fact and Film

Physics Department
Ethnoastronomy (jointly with Peter Brancazio, Physics)

Computer and Information Science Department
Cryptanalysis (jointly with Scott Dexter, Computer Science)

Film Department
2005 (spring) Macbeth: The Real King, Shakespeare and what Followed.
2005 (Fall) Peter Pan
2006 (Spring) Prehistoric People in Film
2006 (Fall) Films by American Indian Directors

At Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History


University of Oklahoma
Introduction to Anthropology

Ohu Daigaku (Japan)
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Universitaet des Saarlands (Saarbruecken, Germany)
Intercultural Communication
American Culture through American Films

New York City Technical College - City University of New York
Pre-employment course for Security Guards (2008- )

Director: 1985-2001

Working to purchase Planetarium projector
Puppet Center
Developing a study group with James Levine (political science) on Law and Society
Co-founder of Interdisciplinary Seminar of Food
Wrestling Coach 1988-90

Nassau County Wrestling Awards (April 1988) Open House (April 24, 1988)
Brooklyn College Open House (1988, 1989)

Administrative and Committee Work
University and College Administration
Anthropology Department
Deputy Chairman (anthropology) 1975
Faculty Advisor to Anthropology Club
Faculty Advisor to the American Indian Awareness Club
Curriculum Committee (Anthropology Department) 1974-2002
Appointments and Promotions Committee (Anthropology Department)
Committee for 25th Anniversary of Anthropology Dept.

Program Committees
Advisory Committee American Studies 1987¬2002
Advisory Committee Linguistics program 1987¬2002
New Visions Grant Committee (with Tony Cucchiara) library, special collections on Museum Certification Program

College Committees
President's Committee to Review Proposals for Chancellor's Awards 1975
Committee for Bi-centennial Activities 1976
Committee for Cultural Pluralism 1975
Committee to Evaluate Criteria for Tenure and Promotion 1976
Sub-committee to evaluate members of Social Science being promoted (to associate or full) or receiving tenure. (several times)
Committee to Make Recommendations for Graduate Program in Management 1988
Sub-Committee to evaluate members of Social Science being promoted to associate professor 1992
Committee on Security 1992
Committee on the Year 2000
Committee to Respond to the Goldstein Report
Committee to award Tow Grants

University Committees
Chancellor's Committee for Educational Opportunities for American Indians (founder and co-chair) 1970¬-

American Indian Institute (founder and director) 1974-?
Traveling Museum of Brooklyn College (founder and Director)

Committees, Boards, Etc. Outside the University
New York Academy of Sciences Linguistics Sections (founder and chair)
New York City History Club (member, board of directors)
Nat Horne Musical Theater (Chairman of the Board) New York
State Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Human Rights 1976-78
Coney Island U.S.A. (member of board)

Exchange Programs
Worked to establish exchange programs with University of the Saarland in Germany (contact: Dr. Peter Erdmann)
Worked to establish exchange program with Oberin University in Japan (Contact: Dr. Junichi Takahashi)

Membership in Academic Organizations
American Anthropological Association
American Association for the Advancement of Science Sigma Xi
Animal Behaviour Society
Asia Society
Congress on Research in Dance
International Association for the Study of Organized Crime
Linguistics Society of America
New York Academy of Sciences
North East Anthropological Association
Polish American Ethnological Society
Polish Institute for Arts and Sciences in America
Society for Vertebrate Paleotology

Membership in Other Societies
Japan Society
An Comunn Gaidhealach - life member
Caledonian Club
Explorers' Club (fellow)
Saltire Society (founder NY Branch)
Scottish American Foundation
Scottish Heritage in the U.S.A.
Sabhal Mor Ostaig
American Indian Community House
Indian League of the Americas
Puppetry Guild of New York
Puppeteers of America
St. Andrews Society of the State of New York
UNIMA (Marionette Artists)
Explorers Club

Membership in Technical and Professional Organization
American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement Council of International Investigators
Police Marksman Association
National Rifle Association
American Federation of Police
American Law Enforcement Association

Consultancies and Services to Other Organizations
Consultant and Interpreter for All Japan Seaman's Union at 1987 International Whaling Commission Meetings, Bournemouth, England
Consultant and Interpreter for All Japan Seaman's Union at 1988 International Whaling Commission Meetings ¬Aukland, New Zealand
Consultant on Structure and Function of Museums
Suffolk County Police Dept. (1983-)
Fort Hamilton Harbor Defense Museum

Assistant Editor, Journal of Applied Anthropology (2006-)

Merit Badge Counselor (1983 - )

Boy Scouts of America:
Indian Lore

Certification and Licenses
SCUBA Certification (Naui)
Notary Public
New York State Private Investigator License
CPR Certificate (Red Cross and Heart Association)
First Aid Certificate
First Aid Instructors Certification
New York State Driver's License (chauffeur)