Saracen was a member of the Quapah, who settled in Arkansas. (Many people's names for themselves are in their native language and many alternate spellings for Native peoples as groups and individuals can be found. Quapah can be found as both Quawpah and Quapaw among others. In some instances (like the poem about Saracen, his name appears as Sarassin)

At one point he was asked by Mr. and Mrs. Hovey to rescue their two children who had been kidnapped by the Chickasaw. Saracen went to the camp of the Chickasaw and rescued the children by giving a war cry and scattering the Chickasaw.

Later in life the Quapah were moved to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) where the tribal council for the Quapah still meet today in Miami, Oklahoma. Saracen asked to be allowed to return to his native land in Arkansas, a request which was granted. Saracen died in Arkansas and is buried in Pine Bluff.

Saracen's tombstone in Pine Bluff"

Text on Saracen's tombstone in Pine Bluff which reads 'Saracen, Chief of the Quapaws Died 1832 Age 97 Years'"