As usual, nothing gets done alone. The Scotia News has had a good deal of moral support from a number of people and organizations.

  Here are some web sites from friends who have been really supportive in helping us get this web site up and running!

  The Saltire Society:


  The Saltire Society: New York Branch:


  Caledonian Club:

  St. Andrews Society of New York :

  St Andrews Society NY

  Highland House of Fraser:

  Highland House of Fraser

  Bank of Scotland:

  Bank of Scotland

An Comunn GĂ idhealach


Rampant Lion Pipe Band

clan currie gatherings

tartan day on ellis island

NYCeltic Dancers
NYCeltic Dancers

Brogue Society
Brogue Society

NYC Harp Orchestra
NYC Harp Orchestra

The Pipers Cove

Bell Rock Lighthouse

the Tartan Artisan

Visit Scotland

The List

The List: Originally focused on Glasgow and Edinburgh with the fortnightly publication of The List, a consumer arts and entertainment magazine of quality, the company is now predominantly focused on its digital activities with coverage of the whole of the UK based around series of award winning websites.

While visiting Inverness, we came across a really great place to stay, close to downtown Inverness (Charles Street). It is a pleasantly furnished 3 bedroom apartment complete with kitchen. You can check out more about the place and see some great reviews

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  Tom Doran whose spooky stuff is at:

  Sawney's Dinner

  cecilia who by day doubles as a special effects artist:

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  John Beatty, Editor

 Tom Doran, associate editor

  Cecilia, Computer Consultant and writer

  Rob MacDonald Parker, Consultant in Scotland

  Vernon Baxter, Reviewer, issue 4

  Jim Campbell, Contributing writer, issues 1 and 2