Here are some geographical questions for you. See how well you know Scotland geographically!

What are the four lochs that are found in the Great Glen?
How does the latitude of Edinburgh compare with that of New York?
Which city is further west London or Edinburgh?
What is the highest peak in Scotland and how high is it?
Which city is further north Inverness or Moscow?

How much do you know about Scotland?

What is it's geographical area?
48,000 square miles.

About 5,000,000. Figures range from 4,800,000 -5,200.000. If one uses the 4,800,000 figure it is the first time the population of Scotland has fallen below 5,000,000 in years

Major industries?

Major religions?
Roman Catholic and Church of Scotland running neck and neck with Roman Catholicism probably slightly ahead.

Major political parties?

Parties ListedConstituency Members Regional Members
Labor54 3
Scottish Nationalist Party 7 27
Liberal 10 5
Conservative0 18
Independent1 4
TOTALS 73 56




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Solution to last issues cryptogram

Flow gently sweet Afton among thy green braes!
Flow gently, Ill sing thee a song in thy praise!
My Marys asleep by thy murmuring stream---
Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dream!





    Recently, one of the Scots visiting the US went to change some money at Thomas Cook's. He was told the exchange rate, and when he produced 100 pounds in bills from a Scottish bank, the rate was changed, and he was told the rate for note on Scottish banks is different..

     Later, he attempted the same thing at Chase Bank where again there were different rates for Scottish and English notes. One hundred pounds from England have produced $144.00 while Scottish notes merited only $140.04. While the difference is that great, the bills are regarded as identical by law in the UK.

     It would seem wise then, for travelers coming from Scotland to change their money to English notes before departing Scotland. Then thy would get a higher rate here. Before returning, change American money for Scottish notes (thereby getting a higher rate again!)




Contributed by Margaret Caldwell

  INGREDIENTS      For shortbread

7.5 ounces of flour
pinch of salt
4.5 ounces of butter
1 ounce castor (granulated) sugar

Rub butter into flour. Stir in the sugar and knead lightly.
Press onto a cookie sheet and smooth. Dough should be about a half an inch thick.

Bake at about 300 F. about 20 minutes.


2 oz. Butter
2 oz. sugar
7 oz condensed or evaporated milk

Place ingredients in a pot and heat stirring constantly until mixture boils or turns a golden color. Pour over shortbreads and spread evenly.
Melt about 3 ox. Of chocolate in the top of a double boiler. Pour over cooled shortbreads already topped with butterscotch.
Allow to cool.