by Tom Doran

In 1955, a British film was made called GEORDIE (US title was WEE GEORDIE and based on the novel by Scottish writer David Walker). And while this isn't really a review in any sense, it falls a bit into the theme of Scottish Games relating to an article in this issue, and we thought it might be appropriate and fun.


Briefly, it's the tale of a scrawny Highland lad who takes a correspondence course in health and fitness, and turns himself into quite the physical specimen. Portrayed by Bill Travers, the character, while not the brightest bulb, is certainly honest, sincere and loyal. His body-building coach from afar suggests he train himself in some traditional Highland Games. The local Laird, played by the inimitable Alistair Sim, also encourages him to put his finely honed body to better purpose than merely plowing fields after seeing his remarkable natural skills. Geordie soon becomes a master of the hammer throw - and is talked into competing in the Olympic Games in Australia. There is a catch however, as the loyal Scot wants to honor his father and wear his kilt while he competes - something which is strictly against the rules. Does he prevail? Does he get to wear his kilt and compete in the Olympic Games? Well, you'll have to watch the movie to find out.

In the meantime, here's a clip of the film you will find amusing: