We have decided that it would be fun to have a little quiz on Scottish history, culture and so on in each issue. The answers will appear in the next issue. So here is the first one! Here are some famous battles Can you list them in chronological order?


  1. Culloden
  2. Glencoe
  3. Bannockburn
  4. Stirling Bridge
  5. Flodden

  Now, just to make your life a little harder can you give the actually years in which the battles took place?

  Check in our next issue for the correct answers.





  O, yell tak the high road, an Ill tak the low road

  An Ill be in Scotland afore ye;

  But me and my true love will never meet again

  On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond.

  So goes the chorus of the famous Scottish song Loch Lomond. But what are the high road and the low road mentioned therein? Does one go through the valleys and the other mountains? Is one by plane and one by train?

  No indeed! The low road is the road taken by spirits. Hence in the text, it is a soldier, often said to be Jacobite, who is going to be executed who says the line. Hence the allusion is to the fact that he will return home to Scotland only after he dies. Hence he and his true love will never meet again on the bonnie, bonnie banks o Loch Lomond.





  This issue is dedicated to John and Thea MacRee, without whom there never would have been a Scotia News in the first place. We only hope we can continue to publish with the same level of expertise that the two of them managed for all the years the original continued to appear.

  Thanks, John and Thea. We miss you both, but hope you know you had a lasting impression on all of us!