The Saltire Society is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and recently has been expanding to open up branches in different parts of the world.

In the spring of 2002, the Saltire Society was approached about the possibility of having a branch in New York City. In the summer, John Beatty visited the Society at their headquarters on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and spoke with a number of the officials of organization. It was concluded that the Saltire Society would in fact, like to have a branch in New York and in the fall of the year, several people gathered to form a board of directors.

As a result of contacts in Scotland, we learned that Godfrey Evans would be coming to New York in December and was an authority on the Duke of Hamilton. It was decided that he should be the first speaker for the society.

The Church of St. Andrew was thought to be an ideal place for the meeting, since St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and the St. Andrew's cross the emblem of the Saltire Society.

There are several other events still in the planning stage which we hope will be of interest to many people in the area. These will appear on the "Events" page of our web site.

We have also put a "Calendar" on our site, where we will list any events relevant to Scots, Scotland and things in general Scottish. We encourage all the Scottish organizations to let us know what events have been planned. By posting these the day they are received on out site, we hope to alleviate some of the problems which have arisen in the past where different organizations have unknowingly scheduled events for the same day, making it impossible for people to attend both.

We also hope that you will visit the Saltire Society's web site and give consideration to joining this prestigous institution.


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