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1. In what film does the name of the actor who plays the monster appear in the opening credits as a question mark?

2. What is the name of "The Immortal Monster"?

3. Universal Studios was responsible for the famous monster films of the 20's, but a British studio, sometimes known as "The House that Dripped Blood" was saved by remaking the old films in color and with a good deal more violence. What is the name of the studio?

4. Only one of the post 40's monsters seems to have aquired the status associated with the older ones. This is the aquatic "gill man" and what is the name of the 3-D film in which he makes his appearance?

5. A Scottish lord has a peculiar evolutionary problem and a garden which bears a resemblence to the one in The Shining. What is the name of this film set in Scotland?

6. Gorillas are big enough but they seem to be even more popular when they become gigantic! In what British film does a giant ape go a bit off the wall and has the army shooting at him near Big Ben while the hapless heroine is being devoured by a really nasty plant?

7. The third of the "3-D" films made in the 1950's was a horror film In color!) with Vincent Price in his first real "horror" film role. What is the name of the film?

8. A dinosaur-like creature attacks a lighthouse in the 1953 "monster movie" based on a Ray Bradbury story called "The Fog Horn". What is the name of the film?

9. Four years after the start of his film career, actor James Arness of the immensely popular T.V. series Gunsmoke created a sensation in his appearance as a "monster" in this 1951 sci-fi film. What is the name of that film?

10. "Even the man who is pure in heart/And says his prayers at night/May become a wolf when the wolf bane blooms/And the moon is pure and bright." is a "folk saying" (written by screen writers who were definitely not "the folk" for what movie?

11. The earliest filmed version of Frankenstein was filmed in

12. Japan has produced a number of different monsters. In one of them, two small girls (known as “Peanuts”) sing a song about the monster who is about to “hatch”. The monster is called

13. In what film did the poster exhort us to come and "see the invisible monster" in this rather odd adaption of a Shakespearean play?

14. If a giant animal is a “good guy” is it really a monster? What’s the name of the giant gorilla that saves children from a burning orphanage?

15. H.G. Wells wrote many science fiction novels. One, made in 1933 starred Claude Rains, who plays the title role in the film which is called

16. Outer space creatures are often called “monsters” . In a rather dramatic sequence one of them is “born” out of actor John Hurt. The film in which this remarkable reversal of biology takes place is

17. A monster thought by many actually inhabit a part of Scotland has been the subject of several films. This water living beastie is known as

18. Other parts of the world are though to possibly have some “monstrous” creatures living there. Tibet is one of them and a 1957 film deals with these creatures sometimes called “Yeti”. The film however is called

19. Speaking of the Himalayas some scientists go running around there in order to find the strange plant known as “mariphasa” in a film called

20. Britain has also been invaded by a monster dinosaur-like critter and worse still, the creatures mother gets involved in a film called

21.A huge cephalopod attacks the Golden Gate Bridge in the film

22. Tony Randall plays a number of monsters in one film which is called

23. In the film Forbidden Planet, the destruction of the Krell was caused by monsters which came from

24 What is the name of the space ship that brought the original Earth colony to Altair-4?.

25. Critters that come out of the ocean are always fun. This one is caused by radio-active dumping and can produce electric shocks and radioactive beams. A fisherman who finally dies from the effects of the animal classifies it as a biblical animal which lends its name to the title of the movie which is

26. Giant ants develop in the American southwest and some wind up in a storm drain in Los Angeles in this classic (nearly made in color and 3-D!) called

27. Large insects are a favorite and in Beginning of the End there are a lot of them. They are

28. An actor who was to gain fame playing in a TV series about people living in the midwest in the 1800's playeed a Werewolf in I was a Teenage Werewolf The actor who went on to stardom was

29. Teenage monsters showed up in several other films, and Gary Conway would play one in a film called

30. Conway would don the make-up for the same monster again to play an actor playing the same monster in a film called

31. Which "monster" turns up at the end of an Abbott and Costello film, who has been absent from the entire film until that point.

32. Who is the actor who plays the role in the Abbott and Costello film?

33. Who is the actor who plays the role in the actual film named for the character?

34.Willis O'Brien, later to gain fame for his work on King Kong was involved in a 1925 production of a dinosaur film based on a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. That film was called

35. The short film made in 1911 may mark the first appearance of this kind of "monster" whose most famous appearance will have to wait until 1932. The romantic intentions of the monster in this film are more comedic than scary however.The name of the film is

36. A rather strange film from 1921 deals with the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl as a kind of monster. The film with George Zucco - a regular in some fo the old horror films appears in this pot boiler as well. The film is called

37. Poor Quetzalcoatl! He rarely if ever manages to get into a decent film. In this 1982 catastrophe, the god (sort of) appears again. What is the name of the movie?

38. In this 1957 Jacques Tourneur film, a psychologist runs afoul of a devil cult whose leader can conjure up many terrrifying things - not the least of which is a fire demon. The film with Dana Andrews as the psychiatrist is called

39.Fairly recently a new monster has appeared who appears to enjoy bowling with the head of the Statue of Liberty. This "all-American" monster appears in the film

40. Although "Men from Mars" are the usual outer space monsters. in this 1957 film the Ymir is from Venus. The film is called

41. Martians indeed appear in a number of films (but given their varying appearances in films, there must be many types all living on Mars, and many of whom manage to arrive in space ships!) In this complicated film with insect-like creatures and racial memories set in London, we are treated to a complicated story that spans millions of years. The film traffics under both a British and American titie and is based on a T.V. series. This film is

42. Dinosaurs appearing in modern or near modern times are often thought of as monsters. Guy Madison plays an American cowboy in Mexico who confronts just such a "monster" in this 1956 film called

43. Another rampant dinosaur movie set in Mexico starred James Franciscus and Richard Carlson. that film was called

44. Richard Carlson appeared in a number of "monster films" including a strange 1953 film direct by Curt Siodmek. This film actually uses the word "monster" in the title. What kind of manster is it?

45.Another film with the word "monsters" in the title starred Grant Williams and dealt with giant moving stones. The film is known as

46.Grant Williams may be best known for his appearance in a philosophical, beautifully made film in which normal animals appear as monsterously large creatures in the scienc fiction classic

47. OK. The "Tabonga" appears in what absolutely dreadful monster film?

48. Decapitating humans seems to be one of the pastimes of the monsters in this film set in a remote village mountain resort in Switzerland. The movie is called

49.Tim Holt and Hans Conreid have their hands full with prehistoric mollusk monster in the Salton Sea in this 1957 film called

50. Kerwin Matthews was known for his ability to "see things that weren't there". That is he could see special effects that weren't yet in the film and interact with them maintaining eye-contat all the while. One of the films in which he appeared where the fights numerous monsters is the 1958 film

51. Let's start off the last 50 question with some easy ones. The line "It's alive, it's alive" is best know as being said in what film?

52. Another famous quote is "I never" What's the film?

53. What about "It wasn't the planes, it was beauty killed the beast"

54. Ok - now we get harder. In what film does the following exchange take place?

Crew Chief
Barnes flushed a polar bear!

Sure did.

Dr. Chapman
Scare you?

Not after I saw it was only a bear!

55. What about "To a new world of gods and monsters!"

56. An old Anglo-Saxon monster and his monster-mother aappear in several films, one of which bears his name which is

57. The person who slays the monster is the character whose name is the title of the Anglo-Saxon (Old Englsh) work as well as a recent film about him. His name is

58. A Japanese monster whose appearance is akin to a turtle or tortoise is

59. Another nifty monster from Japan is an airborne monster which looks like a jellyfish or octopus is known as

60. Some film scores manage with a motif of less than a half a dozen notes to establish a memorable theme for the film. From what film does this theme come?

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61.Yet another famous theme comes from a "sequel" to the original, directed by the same director. What is the film from which this theme comes?

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62.A Gill man like critter menaces a town with a lighthouse in this 1959 film called

63.Steve McQueen puts in an appearance early in his career in this monster film in which an amorphous monster menaces a diner as well as other places. The film was remade in 1988 with a different ending, but the same title:

64.In several movies people revert to some earlier form. In this 1956 film a woman under hypnosis regresses back to a prehistoric beast. The film is called

65.Edward D. Wood Jr. is known for his low lwo budget films which are sometimes thought to be among the worst ever made. He loved monster movies, but only one of his films contains the word "monster" in the title. That film is

66. Edward D. Wood Jr. also made a film with some monsters in which his friend, Bela Lugosi put in his final appearance in film. This films, which is often seen as catastrophically bad, is called

67.A gorilla with a fish bowl over his head who can not figure out where "can't" and "must" meet on the graphic appears in a film called

68. What is the name of the island to which the film party travels in King Kong?

69. And what is the name of the ship that takes Ann Darrow to meet the tallest darkest leading man in Hollywood?

70. And speaking of boats, what is the name of the boat that goes to the Black Lagoon?

71. A still another ship takes some people to an unknown island where there are dinosaurs and a weird kind of ape or sloth in a 1947 film with Richard Denning,

72. In that very same film, the monster ape/sloth is played by a person with a fairly well known name, although the person is not credited. None the less, his name is

73. The Gill Man is played in the original by two different actors - Ricou Browning who plays the Gill Man in the water, while the actor who runs around in the suit on the land is

74. Several bio-pics have been made about people who were involved with horror films. The name of the actor portraying a director with an angora fetish is

75. Another famous director who did a few classic horror films is played by Ian McKellen in the film Gods and Monsters. Who is the director he portrays?

76. We aren't done yet. An incredibly famous actor who played monsters in silent and sound films had deaf mute parents. His appearance in Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dame and a 1926 film called The Monster have made his name a household word. We are not interested in his name at this point, but the actor who portrayed him in his film biography. That actor is

77. Now - what is the name of the actor he portrays?

78.And finally - what is the name of the film?

79. What is the name of the film in which an alien who looks like a body builder strips out of his space suit and becomes invisible (except when we get sudden glimpses of him under very special conditiions?

80. What is the name of the three headed flying monster in a Japanese film named for the creature

81. Having a monster in a film does not necessarily make a film a "monster movie". A good example is a film which has a reptilian monster named Saris, a Rock Monster and a slew of aliens that look like some kind of squid or octopus. There are also some little creatures that suddenly turn very ugly. The film is called

82. Here's another problem - if the creature is more or less benevolent is it a monster? In this 1920 film a clay statue is brought to life to do good, but is taken over by an evil person. Finally it rebels against being made to do evil. The creature is called the

83. East meets West when two major monsters from the US and Japan meet up in the film called

84.What company produced a film in which a 90 pound weakling is changed by toxic waste into the character who gives his name to the title of this film?

85.And the name of the film is

86. In a 1958 film, (well before Alien) a space ship has a stowaway on board that is killing off the members of the crew. The captain, the sole survivor of the mission, is thought to be the killer. But he insists something else was on board in the film known as

87. Also in 1958 aliens were coming to Earth and taking on human form. Tom Tryon, actor turned writer, stars in this film with an awful title, and a far more interesting story. The film is called

88. Abbott and Costello meet a number of monsters in one of their films but only one name appears in the title besides theirs - and that person isn't even in the movie. Whom are Abbott and Costello meeting according to this peculiarly titled film?

89. In 2000 Kevin Baker starred in a kind of remake of The Invisible Man. The film is called

90. The two major methods of making "monsters" before CGI were make-up and stop motion animation. One of the people who made a large number of films in stop motion animation made such films as It Came from Beneath the Sea, 20,000,000 Miles to Earth and Jason and the Argonauts. This well known animator's name is

91. Make-up, the other aspect of making monsters had as one of its leading practitioners the man who did the make-up for several Mummy films, Frankenstein films and The Wolf Man. His name is

92. Marcel Delgado did some interesting early stop motion animation in the 1925 version of The Lost World. In this, he was assisted by an uncredited helper who would gain fame as the chief technician and also as the (uncredited) visual effects supervisor in the 1933 blockbuster film called King Kong. Who was this assistant who made his mark with the big ape?

93. Another uncredited person who plays a native dancer is a well known member of the Sauk and Fox. He even has his own film biography and his name is

94. Terror in the Bayou! In what Lon Chaney (Jr.) film does he become a reptilian critter as a result of failed medical treatment?

95. Beings from another world are being attacked and come to Earth for help in this 1955 classic science fiction film starring Jeff Morrow as Exeter. If you know the name of film, enter it here:

96. Now for the hard part - What is the name of the planet from, which Exeter comes?

97. Claude Rains was the second actor to play a specific role originated by Lon Chaney in 1925. Rains' version in 1943 is in color and has sound - very appropriate too given the setting of the film. Although the two films have basically the same title (one starts with the word "The", and the other doesn't), the name of either film will give you a correct answer! What is the name of either of these films?

98. A plant which eats people and is affectionately called "Two-ie", appears in this film version of a musical play which was itself derived from a non-musical movie! What is the name of this musical monster movie?

99. And speaking of plant monsters (of which there seem to be several), some plants that capable of locomotion appear as a result of a meteor shower in this British sciene fiction thriller called

100. Ed Kemmer, WWII fighter pilot turned actor appeared in the early 1950's as Comdr. Buzz Corry in Space Patrol the grand daddy of most of the science fiction programs that have appeared. His career included a few monster movies (and T.V. monster shows). One of these dealt with a large mutated animal and is called

Thanks to Lawrence Goetz from CIS for his help with the coding!