The Exhibit

Just what constitues a monster isn't too clear. The word itself coming from the Latin word meaning "To warn" implies some sort of danger involved. English tends to regard monsters as being large as well, although the phrase "monstrously large" would seem to be redundant.

The case exhibits a number of "monsters" (some of which are actually popularly known buy that term) while others are not. In fact it has been suggested that if the creature can be described any other way, it isn't a monster. In effect "scary large animate" beings are monsters if there is no other term for them. In effect, is the alien in Alien a monster or just an alien? Remember to that Alien, the humans in the film are the alines and rather nasty ones at that!

Starting at the top left are a few of the Universal Studios "monsters" In the background are two photographs of the Frankenstein monster flanking a photo of "The Phantom" who inhabits the Paris opera house. These post cards and note cards indicate the popularity of the monsters in popular culture.

Standing in front of the cards are three small figures: The Mummy, The Frankenstein Monster and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The small toy figures again indicates the general popularity of monsters and also that they are well ebnough liked by chldren that they want to have them as toys.

Below these figures stands. on a raised platform the largest figure in the case - that of King Kong - the Eighth Wonder of the World holding Ann Darrow in one hand! Below him are a set of magnets on which are the depictions of the movie monster stamps. Magnets (usually for the 'fridge) are popular and a number of the exist depicting monsters and the lobby cards for films with monsters. These are particularly interesting because they are magnets on which are depicted the stamps from the US Postal service honoring the monsters from the movies. Also, towards the front is a matchbook cover with a picture of the Frankenstein monster on it. This is from Frankenstein Pub in Edinburgh Scotland.

On the top left stands a large Gojira* (or Godzilla if you prefer the English version) Surrounded by samller versions of himself and two other Japanese monster: Gamera with his turtle shell back and Even in Japan there is a craze for these monsters!

On the bottom level of the case we find two version of the Mummy and the only example in the case of a "real life" monster - The Loch Ness Monster. Well, at least the only monster that some people claim may exist in the real world. A small "Nessie" figurine - a head, a tail and two sections of the body "swims" across the case while behind it a small box containing a handkerchief with a picture of Nessie on it can be seen.

. *Matt Moore kindly supplied us with the large Godzilla in the center.