The Brooklyn College Anthropology Department's Traveling Museum was initially funded by a grant from the Brooklyn College President's office. The basic purpose of the museum is to bring anthropology to people in the neighborhoods. To this end the museum can arrange to have a lecturer come to a community group to discuss some specific issues in anthropology, or it can arrange to have an exhibit set up in a public space. 

Both of these service are available for free, although the museum is grateful for any contributions that might be made to keep the project alive. For further information, please call (718) 951-4149. 

Visiting Programs 

    Lecturers can come to visit your community group, whether it be a scout troop, a senior citizens9 home, or any community group. We have lecturers who can speak on a wide variety of topics in archaeology, other cultures, linguistics and human evolution. 

If you are interested in having someone come to lecture a group you are involved with, please call us at (718) 951-5507 to make an appointment. 

Exhibition Programs 

If you have an area of you business, which is open to the public, it may be possible for us to set up a small exhibit there. We have many artifacts from our archaeological "digs" and from other cultures where our staff has carried out research. 

If you are interested in having such an exhibition mounted in your organization's space, please call us at (718)-951-5507 to make an appointment. 

Visits to the College 

          In some instances it may be possible to have groups visit the anthropology department and see some of the facilities we use in our work. We have many artifacts and specimens, which we would be delighted to show you. Since these are often in use, scheduling visits requires some advanced planning. 

If you are interested in visiting us, please call us at (718) 951-4149 or 5507 to make an appointment.