1 Selected Shorts:"Trip to the Moon" Notes for the First Class Game One Le voyage dans la lune (Trip to the Moon)
2. Sherlock Jr. Notes for the Second Class Game Two Sherlock Jr,
3 Broken Blossoms Notes for the Third Class Game Three Broken Blossoms
4 Intolerance Notes for the Fourth Class Game Four Intolerance
5 Shorts,Coming Attractins, Newsreels, Serials and other Diversions Notes for the Fifth Class Game Five Hazards of Helen
6 Der Műde Tod Notes for the Sixth Class Game Six Der Műde Tod (Destiny )
7 Sunrise Notes for the Seventh Class Game Seven Sunrise
8 Wings Notes for the Eighth Class Game Eight Wings
9 The Jazz Singer Notes for the Ninth Class Game Nine The Jazz Singer
10 She Done Him Wrong Notes for the Tenth Class Game Ten She Done Him Wrong
11 King Kong Notes for the Eleventh Class Game Eleven King Kong
12 Stagecoach Notes for the Twelfth Class Game Twelve Stagecoach
13 Freaks Notes for the Thirteenth Class Game Thirteen Freaks
14 Fantasia Fantasia