1. In what year was The Jazz Singer released?

2. Which sound system was used for the sound parts of the film?

3. What famous entertainer of the period stars in the film?

4. Who is credited for making the first sound film?

5. Name one of the two major ways sound was recorded?

6. What company produced The Jazz Singer?

7. What does a "foley" artist add to a film?

8. Which of the two major approaches to synching sound with image won out and is still in use today?

9. Sound killed camera movement initially, because the sound of what equipment was being recorded?

10. What famous movie with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds deals with the problem of the inception of sound films?

Answers will come with the next game.

Answers to Last Week's Quiz

1. For what country did Wellman first enlist for WWI?
ANS: France

2. Which film shared the first "best picture" award with Wings at the Academy Awards?
ANS: Sunrise

3. What sub-genre of war film is most typical?
ANS:: Combat

4. What organization awards the "Oscar"?
ANS: Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences

5.Who formed the organization that awards the ""Oscar"?
ANS: Louis B. Mayer

6. What were built specifically to film low flying aircraft?
ANS: 100 foot high towers

7. What kind of war films may produce the exact opposite audience response than the one anticipated?
ANS: Anti-war

8. Which lead actor in the film had experience as a flier?
ANS: Richard Arlen

9. What newly invented piece of technology was fastened to the fuelage of the plases to produce a new kind of shot?
ANS: Motor driven camera

10. What actor, who would later become famous has a small role (Cadet White) in this film?
ANS: Gary Cooper