1. For what country did Wellman first enlist for WWI?

2. Which film shared the first "best picture" award with Wings at the Academy Awards?

3. What sub-genre of war film is most typical?

4. What organization awards the "Oscar"

5. Who formed the organization that awards the ""Oscar"?

6. What were built specifically to film low flying aircraft?

7. What kind of war films may produce the exact opposite audience response than the one anticipated?

8. Which lead actor in the film had experience as a flier?

9. What newly invented piece of technology was fastened to the fuelage of the plases to produce a new kind of shot?

10. What actor, who would later become famous has a small role (Cadet White) in this film?

Answers will come with the next game.

Answers to Last Week's Quiz

1. For which studio was Sunrise made?
ANS: Fox

2. What term used for imposing an image on another image?
ANS: superimposition

3. What term is used as a point of transition from one state to another, It is originally used in social science for the time in an initiation rites where ones status changes (e.g. from child to adult) where the person is "between" the two positions?
ANS:: liminal

4. Which actor won an Academy award in 1929 for this picture and TWO others made the same year?
ANS: Janet Gaynor

5.What did Murnau put in "the Man's" boots" to give him that peculiar menacing walk at times?
ANS: weights

6. What famous silent vampire film did Murnau make?
ANS: Nosferatu

7. John Ford personally chose George O'Brien for a film in the genre for which O'Brien became best known best known. What is the genre?
ANS: westerns

8. For what category did Charles Rosher and Karl Struss receive Academy Awards for their work on Sunrise?
ANS: cinematography

9. With what famous "documentary" film maker (often thought of as the father of documentary and ethnographic film) was Murnau briefly associated for Tabu (a.k.a. Moana)?
ANS: Robert J, Flaherty

10. In Sunrise what occurs on either side of a "flashback"?
ANS: Intertitle Cards