1. What Italian film did Griffith see that impressed him withits size and camera movement?

2. What is the name of the Russian who discovered adjacent shots have an impact on one another and gave his name to the effect which is the basis for "montage"?

3. Griffith was impressed that the Italian epics were not shown at nickelodeons. Where were they shown?

4. Montage is generally associated with what country’s film industry?

5. Which director who followed Griffith and went on to directing several biblical epics such as The Ten Commandments?

6. Which famous silent screen performer rocks the cradle in Intolerance??

7. Of the four stories in Intolerance (modern, French, Babylon and Jerusalem) two were released as single films after Intolerance Tell me ONE of them.

8. With what special effect does Griffith reveal our first look at his massive Babylon set?

9. Several of the stories in Intolerance end with several scenes (or sequences) that Griffith was prone to use near the film’s climax to build to his "climax" ( a sort of "set piece". What kind of scene is that?

10. Griffith often uses a specific sequence of shots in a sequence. What is a common openning shot for a new location?

Answers will come with the next game.

Answers to Last Week's Quiz

1. What did Griffith replaced the "scene" with as the minimum unit of film?
ANS: The shot

2. By what "measurement" were early film running times indicated rather than duration?

ANS: (Number of) reels

3. What term is used for the juxtaposition of images to cause the audience to make associations?
ANS:: Montage

4. Of the two opposing topics or forces that form the basis for many Griffith films, one is gentleness; what is the other?
ANS: Violencce

5. What was Griffith's first job in the film industry?
ANS: Actor

6. For which company did Griffith first direct films?
ANS: Biograph

7. Which of Griffith's films is the most controversal because of its racist themes?
ANS: Birth of a Nation

8.What complex epic film did Griffith make following Birth of a Nation?
ANS: Intolerance

9. Broken Blossoms is set in two countries - one is China, What is the other?
ANS: England

10. Griffith was interested in light for more than just exposing the film. He did night shots. What did he use to light his night shots?
ANS: Magnesium flares